3 reasons why Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton will be the best match at Hell in a Cell

I have mentioned it a couple of times already how Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton feud is the best thing happening in WWE right now. There are various reasons why the feud is one of the best storylines heading into Hell in a Cell. The very fact that the feud has become really captivating should be attributed to both the stars who made it happen in just one month into Randy Orton’s return.

Jeff Hardy and Nakamura’s US Title feud was so beautifully stolen by the Legend Killer that it never felt like US Title was in the picture and Jeff Hardy lost on a title opportunity. When these two legends of the game, meet inside Hell in a Cell, be rest assured that a whole lot of drama will follow.

I have very positive feelings about this fight that will happen in four days from now. So without further adieu, let’s discuss 3 reasons why this fight will be the best in Hell in a Cell.

#3 Who will the audience be cheering for?

Time and time again the WWE Universe has found itself in this dilemma of choosing between two wrestlers when the bout is a high profile match. The very idea, that WWE has been able to distinguish between who deserves the cheers and who should be the audience booing at, is recognized by babyface and heel turns.

But then there is Randy Orton. He is possibly the only wrestler, the audience still hasn’t gotten tired of when he is a heel. The very fact that he doesn’t come across as a babyface is frightening in this “Who should I cheer?” dilemma.

Expect a lot of support for Randy Orton and for the immensely popular at Pay-Per-Views, The Enigma Jeff Hardy. The idea that both these wrestlers will be garnering the support of the entire WWE Universe makes this bout all the more interesting. I honestly feel the audience will be more involved in this match than any other.

#2 It’s a great storyline

After already mentioning how Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy have built this storyline for themselves speaks volume about how captivating this feud has become. It has no title belt in line. It might possibly be in those very few storylines which have worked without Championship in the recent times because WWE has been lacking those kinds of storylines for a long time now.

It’s a breath of fresh air for both the wrestlers who were in a way struggling in the main roster. It’s Randy Orton trying to put down a legend of the game and Jeff Hardy’s quench to defeat his biggest venomous demon.

#3 It might be Jeff Hardy’s last match

Jeff Hardy might be leaving WWE to take a hiatus because of health reasons. It’s already known that Jeff Hardy hasn’t been performing his finisher Swanton Bomb because of medical reasons at WWE Live Events.

If the rumor is true, this might be Jeff Hardy’s last match for a very long time. Jeff Hardy has already mentioned how he has always wanted to do what he was so good at one last time. I am really expecting a Swanton Bomb from the top of the cell.

Source : Sportskeeda

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