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After 2019 model GM confirms Buick Cascada dead


Buick has asked his dealers to complete their final orders for this month’s Cascadian convertible because the production of the car is scheduled to end this summer.¬†After 2019 model GM confirms Buick Cascada dead.

The company confirmed the details this week. Former Opal Operations of General Motors had said in October that Cascade is one of the three vehicles which will stop production in 2019. Cascade is built in Poland.

Buick said in a statement to Automotive News on Friday, “Cascada has played its role fully in the portfolio, in which six out of every 10 out of 10 people have been brought out of GM.” “However, this has reached the end of its original planned lifecycle and will be the last model year to be offered in 2019. The traders have been informed and many will have stock in the rest of the year.”

Buick Cascada never expected significant sales from As the car went on sale in 2016 as the model of the 2016, the US About 17,000 have been sold in Last year, US delivery fell 26 percent from 2017 to 4,136.

Cascade, which was featured in a Super Bowl advertisement for Buick, was the first convertible brand since 1991’s Ratata.

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With the closure of Cascade, along with the scheduled end production of the next month of the Lacrosse sedan, MidSage Regal is placed as the brand’s only car nameplate.

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