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Earn Money Online apps for students

Earn Money Online apps for students
Earn money online

Earn money online

If you are having hard time to earn money online while doing full time college course then this is just for you. So, you are an international or a local university student. Maybe, you are a high school student. No matter, where you are, it is very hard to earn your living and earn money, isn’t it?

You do not get a decent job until you are qualified or graduate. And without a job, you cannot earn money online to live on your own. Am I right, dude?

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Also, you are having a hard time with your current part-time job. You have to put in a lot of effort and you get very less out of it. If it is so, then you must be looking for a less effort high-income job. So, here I have mentioned some of the money-making apps that will help UK students to make some money in their leisure time.

Earn money online: To use the app you must have the following things:

  1. A well-verified PayPal account on your phone which is connected to your email and Bank account.
  2. Verified email address. The email must look professional for a good impression. However, any type of email works. But it must be connected to your bank account and PayPal account.
  3. A verified Bank account that is connected to your email and PayPal accounts

Make sure all the details are accurate.

Street Bees 

The best investors have invested in this money-making app. These investors include Lakestar, Latitude, atomico, octopus ventures, Local Globe, and so on.

This app may ask you to complete any number of tasks, and you will get paid according to the tasks you have completed.

These tasks might include smaller things such as snapping a photo, taking a picture of your fridge.

However, this app is like an online surveying app. It is so because most of the time, they will offer you to complete surveys.

However, users have criticized the app for not working perfectly at times.

Still, this app is a quick way to earn money straight into your PayPal account.

Besides, they have no door policy. Also, they are caring and supportive of you.

For more info, you can look at its website: https://www.streetbees.com/.

Swagbucks – 

Swagbuck is one of the most successful rewards programs that give you gift cards and cash for the daily things you do online. Its headquarter is in El Segundo, California. Besides, it is a subsidiary brand of Prodege, LLC. It is a leading Internet and media company that operates multiple customer engagement brands.

This app is also like an online surveying app. However, you will do certain tasks in exchange for gift cards. But you may think about what you will do with these gift cards, right? If it is so, then you must know that you can spend these gift cards in most high street stores in the UK.

The app will generally offer you surveys. Besides, you can shop online, Watch entertaining videos, Search the web, Answer surveys, and find great deals to earn your points. You can redeem these points for gift cards.

The company claims to pay 485,560,750 to its members.

However, it may take time to qualify for their surveys.

For more info, please visit its website https://www.swagbucks.com/?cmp=351&lp=0&cxid=10086614-98282373517&aff_sid=swagbucks.

Toluna – 

Toluna is a social voting platform. It has more than 21 million users in 50 countries and 28 languages.

The company offers online surveys to make gift cards and product testings. The company is also a brand partner for amazon, CBS, Sony Music, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, FIAT, LOREAL, and Expedia.

Their main motto is to Inspire, Share, and Gain. They believe that your personal opinion can become the inspiration that others need. Besides, they want your feedback on any of the products or services you use. That means maybe you are not satisfied with your data plan, or your daily coffee, or anything. If you have any complaints then you can say to Toluna. The more valuable feedback you provide, the more you will gain.

In Toluna, you will earn money by earning points. These points are a form of virtual currency that Toluna awards to you. It awards these points for doing various actions such as inviting friends, taking part in Surveys, playing, and engaging in community content.

You can easily be a member of Toluna by clicking the Signup button on its website. You have to provide general information and data regarding yourself while filling up the forms. Finally, it sends a confirmation link to your Email for the finalization of your account.

The registration is completely free, and you will get rewards each time you do the preferred tasks.

Well, Toluna’s working principle is very simple. It invites members like you to collect your opinions and feedback regarding different products ad services as large customer brands.

So, for a student like you, this is the best choice to make money. You will have to spend some hours that will end you up with a couple of hundred dollars.

For more information, visit https://uk.toluna.com/#/.

Pocket Bounty –

Pocker Bounty is an app where you can complete Easy Tasks, Watch Videos, and Earn Cash & Gift Cards.

Besides, you can watch adverts and earns coins. It also involves downloading some apps. Pocket bounty will pay you for downloading and opening those apps. And sometimes you will have you use it too.

There are not many things about this app. It is available for Android now. So, go to the google play store and download the app to use it.

Get more info at https://pocketbounty.com/.

Receipt Hog – 

This app is a fun & rewarding way to turn receipts from grocery shopping into cash! In other words, it is a free mobile app that uses your everyday shopping receipts and converts them into cash rewards! The more receipts you snap, the more rewards you will earn!

However, you must qualify for the receipt to earn coins. The coins earned are based on retailer on your receipts. You can easily earn up to up to 5,000 coins.

However, it will take a long time to be able to cash out from the app.

Earn money online apps for students

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