Best and Worst of RAW- 24 September, 2018

This week, RAW could have been dubbed- ‘What will Dean Ambrose do?’ He was the central focus of the episode and it seemed like all of the action revolved around the Lunatic Fringe. It made for some compelling television, without a shadow of a doubt. But it also led to a lot of filler material through the course of the episode.

RAW came to us from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. It was a show building to Super Show-Down from Melbourne, Australia. In my opinion, it did not hold my interest for three long hours.

Here is the best and worst of RAW, served hot and fresh. Please leave your comments and let me know if you echo my sentiments or not.

Also, how excited are you about Super Show-Down coming our way a Saturday from this week?

#1 Best: The Dean Ambrose drama

There have been so many rumours about Dean Ambrose going heel on the internet, that WWE decided to play to the WWE Universe’s speculation. What they did is tease the fact that Ambrose, a renowned lone soldier, did not need The Shield by his side. This added an element of uncertainty to the events and I thought it was great. It was by far the best thing on this show.

I love how they brought it back full circle at the end. When The Shield stood tall and victorious over their opponents, Ambrose went back to his brothers and pledged his allegiance. It was a great moment that all the fans popped for.

Will Ambrose still turn down the road? I sure think he could, because he’s not had a heel run for a while.

In fact, I would probably want it to happen, a few months down the line.

#1 Worst: Chad Gable taking a pin against Konnor

Isn’t WWE trying to elevate Chad Gable as a breakout star on RAW? Having him take a pin against Konnor really does nothing for him, over the long haul. I get that WWE is trying to tell a long term story with Roode, Gable and The Ascension. But in my opinion, Gable should have beaten Konnor comprehensively this week.

Let’s hope that there’s a long term payoff for Gable. Maybe a feud with Bobby Roode will do him a world of good.

#2 Best: The tag team title match

The crowd only chanted ‘this is awesome’ at one point during the night. This is when Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre took on The Revival in a Tag Team classic. In my opinion, this match pretty much stole the show.

It gave The Revival some much needed screen time. It showed the audience just how good they are, and reminded NXT fans why they were the hottest act in developmental. It indeed was awesome.

The Revival proved that they’re just as good at being babyfaces as they are at being heels. I wonder if this babyface run will continue, going forward.

#2 Worst: Liv Morgan’s legitimate injury

I realize that wrestling is not ballet and that accidents happen in the ring. At the same time, it was unfortunate to see Liv Morgan get kicked in the face by Brie Bella. Bella obviously did not do it on purpose, but this was hard to watch.

I do hope Morgan is okay. She’s having a great run with the Riott Squad and an injury will derail her momentum. Sportskeeda sends out our best wishes to Miss Morgan.

The Bellas have been getting a lot of heat on the internet. All I’d like to say is that while it’s not entirely Brie’s fault, a little caution could go a long way.

#3 Best: Triple H’s little promo on The Undertaker

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon showed up on RAW this week to reward two brave kids who were battling cancer in a heart-warming segment. As Hunter made his way back to his limo, Charly Caruso caught up with him. She asked him to respond to The Undertaker’s comments about him just being a suit. I really enjoyed the promo that Triple H cut on this week’s show.

Remember how Triple H droned on and on, not long ago, about Super Show-Down? I thought this week was a massive improvement.

#3 Worst: Lashley vs. Elias

I think the Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush pairing is quite cool. But I did not care for his match against Elias this week. It just went on for far too long and was way too slow paced for it to be entertaining. The fact that it ended with a DQ was pretty pointless as well.

I really hope that John Cena and Kevin Owens can elevate the match at Super Show-Down in Melbourne. If not, I don’t see too many people caring about the match.

#4 Best/worst: Rollins talks to Drew McIntyre

It makes sense for Ziggler and McIntyre to try and influence Dean Ambrose’s mind. After all, they are both devious heels. Seth Rollins trying to play mind games does not fit his character honestly. It is not something a babyface would do.

At the same time, could this be the beginning of McIntyre’s long awaited solo run? So many people believe that he’s the next top guy. He could be the man to replace Roman Reigns as ‘the guy’ of the company very soon.

That’s my assessment of RAW. I’ll see you in 24 hours for the ‘Best and Worst of SmackDown Live’, folks!

Get well soon, Liv!

Source : Sportskeeda

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