Can Black Panther Save Oscars

At the end of this week, organizers of the 91st Academy Awards are fighting against claims that Hollywood’s biggest night is in crisis. Can Black Panther Save Oscars.

Last year’s Oscars attracted the lowest American TV audience, and efforts to change the format this year were left in the embarrassing U-turn.

After the comedian Kevin Hart made a furor on homophobic tweets, Sunday’s show will also run without the host.

But this time denies the charge of joining the show that the chaos of the chaos is pushing the press.

David Krens, the production designer behind Sky Skeleton-Engraved set, told Sky News: “I am feeling honored and excited to be part of the show.

“The interesting thing about an Academy Award for me is that there is not really a specific linear story, it’s a show that starts and ends when it ends.”

In response to falling ratings, the Academy announced a new prize category for the best popular picture last year. It was an attempt to include more mainstream films, but it was abandoned after Backlash.

The plan to trim the running time of the show – it lasted nearly four hours last year – during the commercial break, it was also displeased by handing over four technical awards and it was removed.

Conflicts to find a host and Hart’s controversy have added disorder, which is a movie business observation.

Can Black Panther Save Oscars

Can Black Panther Save Oscars

Executive Magazine Variety executive editor Steven Gedos said: “I do not know if we call it a crisis or just a mess. The academy needs to do very hard soul-searching.

Although there will not be one of the best popular picture categories, nominations for the best picture this year include some box office blockbusters, which are probably increasing interest among viewers at home.

Black Panther, the first superhero film, who nominated for the best picture, earned $ 1.3 billion (£ 997.6m) worldwide at the box office. This cultural significance can also be a defender for the Oscars night.

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Film critic Amy Nicholson said: “I think the Black Panther was there mainly for our foothills this year in our culture, because it is such a thing which not only earned a ton of money, but in fact What we want to talk about is what Hollywood wants to look like in the future, in a way, what Oscars should do with their TV ratings. “

For the awards, this year is seen as one of the most open races in recent history. Big prize prize

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