Fate changed for five in UFC 234

At Saturday, in Melbourne, Australia, Robert Widaker, who canceled his middleweight championship fight in Australia, had to react to Kelvin Gastelom on emergency bowel and hernia surgery, parade on television and on the field, catch a title belt and declare himself a champion. Fate changed for five in UFC 234.

Gastylom was holding a belt owned by the flyweight champion Henry Sejudo. On one hand, Whitaker had to undergo a serious operation that day, it was probably the worst time to declare himself a champion. On the other hand, he probably felt pressurized to do something, because even though he was determined for a championship match and the match fell apart without doing anything to him, things changed in the UFC on a daily basis. In fact, they changed the same day.

Israel Adesania defeated Anderson Silva in the main event. In doing so, Adenya appeared as a big star in comparison to Gastelum. If you add the fact that Adesania is now 16-0, and the title picture in the UFC is often a heavy star, then she can easily get the next shot on the Whittaker.

Compared to the Gastelom match planned for several months maybe Adenya Vs Whitaker would be more interested.

Saturday’s show was a mixed bag. The UFC got lucky with the second time ESPN was thrilled with the exciting Pryelime Underground, which immediately followed the Duke vs. Virginia Basketball game, giving UFC a large audience.

While the names were not the largest, Tarotu Ishihara vs. Kung Ho Kang was an entertaining dispute which was presented at the end of a first round. Devon Smith did a quick knockout on Dong Hyun Mae, while there was a great fight between Austin Arnett and Shen Young.

The pay-per-view was more of a mixed bag. It was incredibly thin from a Star Power standpoint. Adensya vs. Silva, which was the battle for a fixed number 2, was probably more interested in the famous situation of Sitawa and the Whitaker-Gastelum main event due to the intrigue surrounding Adana. It was put together as something to go through the battle of the torch and in this sense, it was distributed. Adessania clearly won, but at the age of 43, Silva saw that she was at least with many fi

Let’s see how the fate changed for five fighters on Saturday’s show.

Israel Isina – “The Last Style Bender” may have to face Whittaker, although considering the seriousness of Whittaker’s surgery and the situation with Gastelum, he can win another fight. If so, then the winner of the best rival Ronaldo “Jake” Souza (26-6) or Joel Romero (14-3) and Paulo Costa (12-0) will fight on April 27.

Anderson Silva – Silva (34-9 with a contest) is likely to be near the end of his career. But after the fight, they probably talked about facing Connor McGregor or Nick Diaz. The difference in size makes McGregor ridiculous, but possibly due to differences in size difference of age, it will be intrigued. But in light division there are other opponents for MacGregor, rather than going to the freak show route. It seems that there is no difference for Diaz, who has not fought for many years. The biggest battle was that Silva probably could have done some fun as a joke, without Georges St-Pierre (26-2). Saint-Pierre never felt like this when both were in his head. This fight will not be nearly as big as it was years ago and it is a matter of weight classes because St-Pierre compromised his health, when he was heading towards the middleweight by defeating Michael Bissping to become the champion. It is also questioned whether Saint-Pierre is also interested in fighting Agaiya.

RICKY SIMON – Simon (15-1) Comes with victory over Queen Yahya (26-10, 1 no contest). His record alone makes him close to the championship champion in Bantamweight. A good next opponent will be John Lineker (31-8).

Montana de la Rosa – De La Rosa (10-4) has won a major victory in the flyweight division of relatively new women. For him a good next opponent will be Roxanne Modferi (22-15).

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KAI KARA-FRANCE – Kara-France won the second straight win in the UFC competition on Saturday with Rowlion Piwa (18-2), a close division decision. This fight may have reached Cara-France, which can be seen in seconds in second round. Even so, journalists at 63 MMIdecisions.com obtained 63% marks for Paiva. A good next opponent for France in a division who does not know that future will be Alexander Pantoja (20-3).

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