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Google Ready To Launch Pixel Lite


Based on the statements of industry sources told by Tokyo’s Nikkei newspaper, Google plans to launch a ‘light’ change in its top-tier pixel smartphone lineup and launch a new smartwatch in 2019 to increase the usage of its ecosystem Has created. Sources claim that the company will launch its standard premium line normally, suggesting that the handset is unlikely to come to Google’s annual hardware event in October.

The details about the equipment are relatively slim, but the observation of the giant plans of search is quite deep. Sources claim that the company’s new hardware direction is behind Google’s hiring activity for its deal with HTC in 2017. That deal saw Google once to absorb nearly 2,000 engineers from leading smartphone manufacturers. Well, more than a thousand new listings related to hardware have been posted by Google in an interim form.

The company will not knowingly leave its premium line and will normally launch the premium variants of Google Pixel 4. It seems that the ‘pixel light’ handset is already being talked about, but it should be expected that it will not come much later in Google’s annual hardware event.

Beyond a Smartwatch and New Smartphone

The premium segment has been cited as the direct cause of Apple’s conflict and Google’s decision to increase sales of Google’s comparatively scarce pixel smartphone with products. The Google Pixel family has increased about 0.13 percent in terms of market share in the last one year, the sources say, citing IDC. Meanwhile, Apple’s premium lineups have failed to meet expectations, with consumers choosing for more affordable devices.

Sources claim that Google claims to launch their Google Pixel Lite at a very low cost to explain on-the-fence buyers for their ecosystem compared to Apple’s lowest cost iPhone. Its new smartwatch will be a direct competitor of other OEM offers.

Google is not blocking a new pixel-branded smartwatch and ‘light’ smartphone to run the Google product and service ecosystem usage. Industry insiders say that the search giant is looking to take advantage of its benefits in the smart home industry, which grew by approximately 187% in 2018 according to the previous year’s analysis. For this year, Google has planned to launch a new version of its popular Google Home Speaker this year, as well as create a new Nest-branded security camp.

Other indicators of increasing ambitions

Industry insiders point to an increase in Google hardware-specific activity in Foxconn as another sign of Google’s upcoming hardware ambitions. In particular, the company’s FIH Mobile Division has reportedly increased the number of production lines attached to the search giant.

A new pagtroon facility said that Google products have been built in Vietnam which can employ more than 20,000 workers. Similarly, a third creator, Quanta, is said to have expanded his plant for cloud-computing products in Taiwan. New Facilities In the shortest part, Google has been claimed to be part of the bid to avoid tension between Chinese and U.S. governments.

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According to the reports, each implication suggests that Google has enough plans in the hardware space for 2019, which can not only increase their hardware business, but also improve their position in their primary market, which means advertising.

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