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Increased fee in private school was Dismissed


After the decision of the protest, the Metropolitan Municipal Corporation has left behind the decision of the increase in the private and institutional schools. The Metropolitan Board has declined the decision of the increase in the increase in the increase. Increased fee in private school was Dismissed.

The meeting of the Education Committee on Wednesday, chaired by Chief Baidu Sundar Shakya, has dismissed the decision on November 26. The Metropolis has saved itself by dismissing the decision by ‘School Burging and Fee Monitoring Committee’.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality has declined to declare that the government has justified the right to determine the fees according to ‘Education Act-2075’ and ‘School Education Behavioral Rules-2074,’ issued for the management of the school education.

The Metropolitan Municipality said that there has not been any proposal for determining and reviewing institutional school fees in the city’s executive till now.

Mayor Shakya said that the institutional school will only be able to take the fees taken in the educational session 2075. Only by studying the fees for the institutional school fees, we have said that Shakya said.

‘School Burging and Fee Monitoring Committee’ has decided to scatter the executive. Such a decision is not to be dismissed, “said Mukunda Rijal, coordinator of the Metropolitan Social Development Committee.

The School Bureau of Excise and Fee Monitoring Committee set up the maximum fee of the school for the education session 2076, the basic fee of the school in ‘D’ Berg till class level 1 to 5.

The school fee for the year two years ago was 1,181 rupees. Similarly, 2,024 rupees of ‘G’ Berg’s schools were 2,418 rupees ‘B’ Burg’s schools and 2,812 rupees ‘A’ school’s schools were set.

In the year 2075, the maximum fee for this college’s school was 1575, 1969, and 2363 respectively. Classes of class 6 to 8, the maximum cost of the school in ‘D’ district was 1, 9 01 rupees, 2,351 Rupees ‘School of’ C ‘burgs, 2,801 rupees’ school ‘b’ and ” A ‘school’ s school was estimated at Rs 3,251. .

Prior to this, the maximum school fees of these Berg schools were 1350, 1800, 2250 and 2700 rupees. The maximum cost of the school for Class 9 and 10 in the ‘d’ Berg in the middle was set by Rs 2,537. Yang Burg’s school year was the highest cost of Rs 1,838.

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Similarly, for the session 2076, for ‘c’ barges for ‘c’ bars, Rs. 3,149 rupees, ‘b’ for the bargains for Rs 3,762 and 4,373 rupees for the bargain was set up. The total number of years in the school of these Bergs was 2450, 3063 and 3675 respectively.

This fee has been arranged in the metropolitan city with the District Education Office.

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