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Should People With Diabetes Eat Ragi


Ragi has been a primary source of nutrition for millions of people around the world. Ragi, which is grown in hot and dry climate is usually found in high altitudes. Ragi, is known as Eleusine coracane which can be in diet. Now a days people might wonder Should People With Diabetes Eat Ragi. In this article we are going to explain how the Ragi should be included in your balance diet.

Ragi might look like other grains and cereals but it is different from other cereals as it contains more calcium and potassium than other millet varieties. As ragi is rich in nutrient it help to fight against calcium deficiency and prevent from weakness of the bones. It is found hat fermented millet based food production have higher amount of protein.

Ragi and Diabetes

There are many people around the world who are effected by diabetes around the world. It is associated with diseases like blindness, kidney disease, heart disease, and stoke. Insulin is a hormone which helps body to move sugar level to the body. when insulin is not properly used by the body then the sugar level in the body increases which cause Diabetes. When people consume food that are rich in carbohydrate that effects the blood sugar levels. In such condition ragi will affect blood sugar levels.

According to the researcher ragi is higher in minerals, amino acids and fiber. That is why it is the best choice for the people who have diabetes.

How to eat ragi

Ragi is found in variety of forms like in form of pasta or in form of ice cream. Of of easy way to add ragi to your diet is is to simply prepare whole finger milet by soaking and then bolling it or using it to make porridge.

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Ragi is usually beneficial for people with diabetes as it contain high amount of nituration and higher fiber content. People suffering from diabetes can easily consume ragi safely because it help to maintain blood sugar levels. Ragi can be consumed in variety of forms like in flour and with other product.

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