WWE RAW Results October 29th 2018 video highlights

RAW kicked off with a recap of Roman Reigns’ declaration a week ago where he opened up about his fight with Leukemia. Baron Corbin started us off out in the ring, with the Universal Championship on his shoulder. He said that he trusted if Roman returned, it was not to his show, as the title felt great on him. WWE RAW Results October 29th 2018 video highlights

Brock Lesnar and his Paul Heyman advanced out to the ring and quiets Corbin down before propelling into a promotion. Heyman said that it was an inescapable result that Brock Lesnar would leave WWE Crown Jewel with the Championship. Braun Strowman advanced out to the ring and said that he would have been the Universal Champion and Brock Lesnar was going to ‘Get these hands’.

Provoking Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman hammered Corbin with three Running Powerslams. Lesnar hit Braun Strowman with an enormous F5, before presenting with the Universal Title

Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley

Finn Balor was grounded by Lashley at an early stage. He ended up on the ground yet figured out how to send Lashley to the outside where he hit a Suicide Dive. Balor advanced once again into the match, by bringing down Lashley and stepping on him. He sent him into the corner and hit a hack however wound up getting captured.

Lashley put Balor down with a powerslam yet Finn kicked out. Lashley attempted to hit the Standing Suplex on Finn yet he received in return and hit Bobby with a running dropkick. He went for the Coupe de Grace on Lashley, yet Lio Rush sent him off the best rope. The authority didn’t warmly embrace it and the match was over by means of preclusion.

WWE RAW Results October 29th 2018 video highlights

Result: Finn Balor def. Bobby Lashley via DQ

It was announced that John Cena would replace by Bobby Lashley at WWE World Cup.

Bayley, Sasha Banks, Natalya, Trish Stratus & Lita vs. The Riott Squad, Alicia Fox & Mickie James

WWE RAW Results October 29th 2018 video highlights
WWE RAW Results October 29th 2018 video highlights

Trish Stratus began things off against Sarah Logan. Lita demonstrated her readiness and tossed her adversaries to the ground. Lita confronted Liv and hit her with a DDT.

Sasha Banks attempted to get to her corner and get a tag, however Ruby Riott recovered her to her very own side. Sasha at last made the tag and Natalya came in. Natalya hit a major cellar dropkick and took out her adversaries. The ladies came in to meddle however Lita and Bayley hit the double Twist of Fate. Bayley took out her rival, while Lita hit the moonsault.

Natalya secured in the Sharpshooter and grabbed an enormous win as Alicia tapped out.

Result: Bayley, Sasha Banks, Natalya, Trish Stratus & Lita def. The Riott Squad, Alicia Fox & Mickie James


Ash Moon and Nia Jax exchanged words backstage about the previous evening’s Women’s Batlle Royal and we discovered that they were planned to confront each other later in the night.

Elias was in the ring as the show initiated. We got a recap of him breaking his guitar on Baron and it was no less engaging the second time around. He went backstage to Baron’s locker room, remained outside and played him a mean diss track. Jinder Mahal assaulted Elias out of the blue and Baron disclosed to him he was confronting the Maharaja in a coordinate straightaway.


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