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3 Questions WWE needs to answer after Survivor Series 2018


WWE Survivor Series 2018 is in the history books now. The pay-per-view last night was something that can be debated about for a long time. Some people really enjoyed the event while others absolutely hated it. So it is indeed a mixed bag of reactions from the WWE Universe.

I will say that this show was nowhere near to its best potential. I mean WWE could have done so much in this PPV but they took the simplest route. We know that the calendar will change the date and these brand will be on their different paths again. So we can not say that if WWE did something different last night, it would have meant something in the long-term.

The more important thing now is the aftermath from this show. What is next and how WWE is going to progress from here. In this article, we will discuss 3 important questions that WWE needs to answer after Survivor Series 2018-

#3 Why Charlotte Why?

One of the best moments from last night’s show came when Charlotte attacked Ronda Rousey during their match. The match, therefore, ended in a disqualification and Rousey scored the victory. But the victory is not something fans care about. They want to know why Charlotte attacked Rousey so brutally.

We know WWE was finding some difficulties to show us who was the face and heel during the Becky Lynch – Charlotte feud. So it could be that they wanted to show us clearly that Charlotte is the heel. I feel that they wanted to protect both the women and did not want to book a clean win for either of them.

As I said, Raw and Smackdown will not meet now for a while. So Ronda Rousey has nothing to do with Charlotte anymore. It’ll be really interesting to know how WWE progresses this storyline. At the moment, we don’t know Becky Lynch’s injury extent. So Charlotte might be the only top woman that they have on SmackDown Live.

#2 What is next for Shane McMahon & SmackDown Live?

Survivor Series was an embarrassing show for Smackdown Live. They were defeated 6-0 by Monday Night Raw. Yeah, that’s right. A clean sweep. The only match Smackdown won was on the pre-show. The Usos led their team to victory in the 10-man Tag Team Traditional Survivor Series match. Now we know why WWE wanted that match on the pre-show. But again, the event is over and nothing can be changed now.

After making a strong decision to book RAW to win clean, WWE has to explain why that was the case. We saw Shane McMahon absolutely destroyed at the end of the match when he got eliminated by Strowman. So the blame is definitely going to be put on Shane McMahon, Paige or maybe The Miz.

WWE can not just let things run like normal. So I believe we will see something on Smackdown where either Shane McMahon could quit as the commissioner or someone could get fired. It’ll be interesting to see how WWE answers to this huge loss that Smackdown suffered at Survivor Series.

#1 Who is number one on Monday Night Raw?

Raw picked up all the W’s at Survivor Series so they have nothing to debate about. So it is kind of obvious that they will start the build for next month’s TLC PPV.

One thing that WWE still needs to make clear is that who will be the top guy on Raw when Brock Lesnar is not around. Last night, Braun Strowman had the most eliminations and he put up a great showing. After the match, WWE made it clear that they are heading toward a Braun Strowman Vs Baron Corbin match at TLC. Also announced for that show is Dean Ambrose Vs Seth Rollins for the IC Title. The only guy who doesn’t have a match or a storyline right now is Drew McIntyre.

It’ll be interesting to see what WWE does with McIntyre considering how WWE has been pushing him recently. If they have to make McIntyre the top guy, he must have the biggest match on the card. Because it will not be easy to top Ambrose Vs Rollins.

I believe that Ambrose Vs Rollins could be the main feud on Raw until Lesnar comes back. But you never know, what WWE might pull out from their hat.

Source : Sportskeeda

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