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4 reasons why Seth Rollins will betray the Shield again


The Shield is one of the most dominant factions in WWE. All the three members of Shield are grand slam champions and have various other accolades. But like any other factions, there will be a time when the Shield also have to break up again.

WWE has been heavily teasing that Dean Ambrose will be the one to turn on his Shield brothers this time. While Roman Reigns is the Universal champion and Seth Rollins is the Intercontinental Champion, Dean Ambrose is not holding any gold.

Plus the mind games from Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Braun Strowman are messing with the Lunatic Fringe.

With that being said, there is a high chance for Seth Rollins to be the guy to betray the Shield again. The architect was also the reason why the Hounds of Justice split back in 2014 as he backstabbed his brothers with a steel chair, thus joining forces with the Authority. Here are a few reasons we think Seth Rollins would break the Shield again.

#4. WWE openly discussed Dean Ambrose’s possible heel turn

Although most of their booking decisions are quite predictable, WWE loves to throw some surprises at the fans. Since WWE has openly discussed Dean Ambrose’s possible turn in the latest episode of RAW, the chances of his heel turn have significantly dwindled.

The recent split of Rusev Day is a really good example of this. Week in and week out, WWE teased Rusev to turn heel. He has been continuously disappointed with Aiden English “letting him down”.

Many speculated that Rusev would brutally attack Aiden, turning heel in the process. However, to everyone’s surprise, “the Shakespeare of Song” attacked “the Bulgarian Brute” after the latter lost to Shinsuke Nakamura after being inadvertently distracted by English.

If this is any indication, Dean Ambrose will not turn on his Shield brothers, at least not for a long while.

#3. Roman Reigns is the face of the company

Like it or not, Roman Reigns is here to stay at the top of the card. Like John Cena and Hulk Hogan, the Big Dog will be the face of WWE for a long time to come. WWE has invested a lot in the Samoan wrestler, and Roman is one of the top merch sellers for WWE.

The chances of Reigns turning heel and cracking the Shield open is even less than that of Dean doing it.

#2. Seth Rollins will be in the Universal Championship picture soon

Once the Roman – Braun feud for the Universal championship is over, there are not a lot of credible opponents on RAW for the winner to face.

Assuming that Roman comes on top of this feud, the only credible heel left for him to face is Drew McIntyre. However, if Rollins were to switch sides, the entire landscape of RAW will change.

On February this year, Rollins pinned both Reigns and John Cena in a gauntlet match. He has been protected incredibly since then and Dave Meltzer speculated that this was to rub him up for his eventual Universal title feud against Roman Reigns.

#1. WWE knows Seth Rollins’ potential as a heel

Seth Rollins is outstanding as a heel. Even though WWE turned him heel in 2014 and gave him the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Wrestlemania 31, the creative team made a horrible mistake in his booking.

They booked him to be a cliched cowardly heel when he deserved a much better run. Rollins’ title run abruptly ended when he had a knee injury at a Live Event in Ireland.

WWE realized this mistake and this was why they made his return memorable by giving him a clean win over the then champion Roman Reigns. But Dean Ambrose’s quick cash in ended that reign quickly. WWE now understands Rollins’ full potential as a heel.

Rollins has been a good babyface so far this year, but his heel persona is much better than his face persona. If WWE decides to pull the trigger on Rollins’ heel turn and give him a credible Universal title run, RAW will become a much better show.

Source : Sportskeeda

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