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5 Botches You Probably Missed On Monday Night Raw (October 1st, 2018)


It was the final episode of Monday Night Raw ahead of Super Show-Down this week and once again The Shield were running the show as they continued to build towards their match on Saturday morning. The teases of a Dean Ambrose heel turn were present throughout as Ambrose was handed three possible matches this week on Raw and later stated that he could have become Intercontinental Champion if he wasn’t forced to face Braun Strowman.

There was also build up to some of the biggest matches Down Under this weekend including Triple H vs The Undertaker as Shawn Michaels made his return to WWE TV to continue to hype up the match.

The Raw roster will now travel to Australia ahead of their epic pay-per-view this weekend, but whilst this week’s Raw is now over, there were a few memorable moments from some of the biggest stars.

#5 Dean Ambrose wasn’t ready for Braun Strowman

Dean Ambrose was forced to face off with Braun Strowman this week on Raw after Baron Corbin gave him three options for matches but he refused to choose a Shield-brother to face.

Ambrose was holding his own in the match before Roman Reigns decided to interfere and help him fend off the giant, but at one point in the match, Strowman was going for the running powerslam and Ambrose was unable to get out of the hold as smoothly as he should.

The former World Champion was able to recover to deliver the Dirty Deeds and then pick up a near fall on the big man, but Braun Strowman actually won the match after Reigns and Seth Rollins decided to interfere and lead to the disqualification.


#4 Dolph Ziggler’s famouser wasn’t as advertised

Last week on Raw, Dolph Ziggler and Dash Wilder managed to botch a spot where The Showoff went for the FamouserĀ and once again this spot became a problem for the former World Champion on Raw.

Ziggler attempted to hit the Famouser on Roman Reigns, and even though he actually delivered the move this time, it was obvious that he was unable to grab Reigns’ head and as he came down he actually fell out of the move. Even though this has been a signature move for Dolph for a number of years, it does seem to be causing him a few issues in recent weeks.


#3 Look how powerful Ronda is…

Ronda Rousey took on Ruby Riott on this week’s Raw ahead of their six-woman tag team match this weekend at Super Show-Down and even though Ronda was able to pick up the victory, she almost became this week’s most talked about female wrestler.

Rousey picked Ruby Riott up for the gut-wrench powerbomb, but when she looked to lift Ruby up, she actually almost dropped her because she was obviously off balance. Luckily, Riott was able to fix herself and she didn’t fall on her head, but this could have ended much worse.


#2 Entrances aren’t easy

Entrances are a huge part of every WWE star’s character but this week on Raw it appears that Seth Rollins’ entrance didn’t go to plan. The Intercontinental Champion climbed the ropes to pose for the crowd before his match with Drew McIntyre and obviously slipped before correcting himself. Rollins was able to laugh about the botch before the show went to an ad break, so at least the former World Champion found it funny.

Rollins went on to lose his match with The Scottish Psychopath and it could be argued that his odds were out of his favor from the minute he made his way out to the ring because even the ropes were against him this week.


#1 The referee has something against Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens took on Bobby Lashley this week on Raw and even though Elias and KO managed to annoy the crowd in Seattle ahead of their match, it was the referee who decided to try and take the law into his own hands when he attempted to count a pin from Lashley on Owens when his shoulders weren’t even down.

Owens loudly told the referee that his shoulders weren’t down and the commentators even pulled him up on the fact that they had no idea why he had started to count a pinfall when there wasn’t one. Maybe Lio Rush was distracting him at ringside and he momentarily forgot what his job actually was.


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