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Airport Jobs Near Me In Dubai

Airport Jobs Near Me In Dubai

Airport Jobs Near Me In Dubai and Air Terminal Operations Center Controller (Airport Operations Control Center) – (1700001B)

Airport Jobs Description

Primary Location: AE-Abu Dhabi-Abu Dhabi
Work Location: Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 1 Airside
Job: Multiple
Organization: Operations
Schedule: Regular
Shift: Standard
Job Type: Full time / Part Time

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Real time resource management:

  • Continuous administration of the distribution of the aircraft stand.

o Changes in debris due to deferrals, unavailability, pivot changes, centralized infrastructure failures, or rare requests.

o Towing requirements

  • Gate Assignment Ongoing Management

o Changes in tickets due to postponements, unavailability, infrastructure failures gathered or unique requests.

o Opening and closing hours of tickets

o Establishes links with the terminal task organizer to exchange data on changes in tickets or exceptional requests

  • Ongoing administration of check allocation at the counter

o Changes within the appropriate limits at the counters due to postponements, unavailability, centralized infrastructure failures or extraordinary requests.

o Opening and closing times of the registration desks in T3 at the take-off and appearance level

  • Organization with Etihad and different aircraft / EAS Ground Handler / ATC for powerful management of accessible assets
  • Continually watch for current traffic circumstances, passenger loads, and progress.
  • Control and respond to changes in flight schedules, airplane changes by modifying the continuous distribution of assets.
  • Constantly organize and discuss with Apron Marshaller / Follow me Dispatcher at AOCC and ATC (particularly in distribution changes a minute ago and in hostile weather or limited circumstances)
  • Contribute within your own scope and abilities to maintain a protected activity during crises.

Disposition / disposition of asset allocation:

  • Ensure the accessibility of the latest schedules “Will fly” from Flight planning / Slot management
  • Confirmation and verification of information
  • Organize and advise on capacity planning / slot management for approval of additional flights
  • Organization of stands, tickets, assignment of counters in daily 12/24 hours
  • Organization with Etihad and different operators / EAS hand handler / ADA SMS Slot Management Section for successful management of accessible assets
  • “Gating” of the common week as an occasional indicator (winter / summer season)
  • Breakdown and progress of asset distribution.

Control / Information management:

  • SITA Message Handling
  • Ensure the passing of accurate, complete and punctual information on activities by updating the flight plan information every day (in FIDS or future database, use of SITA instant messages) according to changes in ETA, ETD, inscriptions, signal of call … and so on.
  • Plan / rely on Etihad and different ground / airline operators EAS, BHS and other applicable offices on flight changes in flight development or subtleties on downed, redirected, improvised or redirected flights.
  • Leading credibility monitors the information collected or potentially obtained.
  • Continuously FIDS display to show accurate information about the air terminal.

Traffic approvals:

  • Allow authorizations to be established for reserved aircraft outside available time.
  • Concession landing permits for unplanned aircraft
  • Granting of passenger traffic rights to carriers by planning with the interested party.
  • Track planned and unreserved aircraft developments, and collect the significant charge in the event of a subsequent occurrence.
  • Feed all endorsements in the frame (unplanned) and track unplanned aircraft development (ARR / DEP).
  • Preparation of the understanding structure of the beneficiary of the unplanned airplane load, except if previous courses of action have been taken before the airplane took off
  • Organizing with the registration area and answering any questions raised by them.
  • Co-organization with the service of external affairs (aeronautical affairs), (military tasks) flights (activities) of Amiri regarding the granting of conciliatory authorizations to the plane.
  • Joint appointment with experts concerned if a complete crisis arises, a wait in the neighborhood and different mishaps / episodes according to the rules and guidelines.
  • Joint appointment with specialists in air terminal security and provide them with important data when necessary according to the rules and guidelines

The controller needs:

  • Consent across the organization provided executives with the framework, arrangements, standard operating procedures, and procedures including prerequisites for controllers, confirmation bodies, including the Abu Environmental Health and Safety Management System. Dhabi.
  • Act as directed by the operational needs, approaches, and designation and enforcement measures of the air terminal every day.
  • Learn about the most recent allocation rules and limitations and methods.
  • Now the limits of the waiting room, the continuous development chips on the air side, the reserved maintenance work inside and outside the terminals that affect the operational accessibility of the frame.
  • Get to know and work with the different current IT instruments and correspondence frameworks (resource share device, FIDS, VDGS, database frameworks, telephone, radio, AIMS, ground radar, etc.)


  • Full high school graduation (Level A or proportional)
  • At least 2 years of labor participation with a similar position
  • Fundamental information on airport operation, essential aircraft procedures and ground care
  • Great PC skills (MS Office, document executives in Windows Traveler)
  • Great relational skills in English (verbally and recorded as a hard copy)
  • Important information on airport operation, essential aircraft procedures and ground care
  • Essential knowledge of ICAO Annex 14
  • Participation in any asset designation / organization framework

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