5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Became Universal Champion Again

Such huge numbers of booking choices at Crown Jewel were genuinely astounding. Why did Shane McMahon win the WWE World Cup? For what reason did DX go over the Brothers of Destruction for the second time, taking into account how secured The Undertaker and Kane have been in WWE’s celebrated past? In any case, the greatest head-scratcher was the Universal Championship win. 5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Became Universal Champion Again

Why did Brock Lesnar win the Universal Championship and not Braun Strowman, everybody’s inquiring! Furthermore, they legitimately should, on the grounds that at first look, this is a choice that has neither rhyme nor reason. Be that as it may, I will give you five reasons that may make you see the entire thing somewhat better.

This is only my supposition so I am not ensuring the way this is the situation, truly. In any case, I have motivation to trust this was WWE’s thinking for booking the win.

So right away, here are the five reasons.

#5 To fill the Reigns void

Not very far in the past, Roman Reigns surrendered his Universal Championship inferable from the way that he has been fighting leukemia for a long time now and the illness had made an ongoing and awful resurgence. While Reigns fights the hardest rival of his vocation, WWE is battling their very own skirmish that of declining appraisals.

The viewership has been bleak in the ongoing past, and the loss of Roman Reigns should just exacerbate the situation in the coming weeks. The Shield was the greatest draw on the show, up to this point. Since the best group on RAW does not exist any longer, I ponder what’s in store.

With Brock Lesnar showing up on the show, the evaluations ought to be relentless. Lesnar is a draw and can enable WWE to recapture all the lost watchers.

#4 To set up Lesnar vs. Styles again

AJ Styles may simply be the best wrestler in the entire world. Brock Lesnar is maybe the greatest attract sports stimulation at the present time. The Champion versus Champion conflict at Survivor Series is a match made in paradise. It doesn’t get any greater than this, sincerely.

What’s more, the truth is that the two men put on a remarkable challenge, once previously, when they met a year ago. WWE more likely than not been so awed with the experience that they planned one more challenge between the men. I am sure that the two men could put on a far better challenge when they conflict this year

Braun Strowman versus AJ Styles does not by any means have a similar ring to it. Lesnar is a major ordeal, similar to him or not!

#3 WWE has other plans for Braun Strowman

Truly, Braun Strowman is a standout amongst the most ensured hotshots in the list at this moment, without a doubt. In any case, the truth is that WWE may not need him to be the Universal Champion yet. They positively do have different plans for the man at the present time. They need him to go up against Baron Corbin first.

Corbin did, as it were, cost Strowman the match. He assaulted Strowman with the Universal Championship before the chime rang. I’m certain this edge will happen on RAW in weeks that pursue. 5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Became Universal Champion Again

Strowman and Drew McIntyre have likewise been inconsistent lately. Perhaps the arrangement is for the two men to conflict before Strowman and Lesnar impact again.

Perhaps Braun Strowman will end up Universal Champion one day, yet not right now for certain.

5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Became Universal Champion Again

#2 To carry the title to UFC 230, this weekend

The grapevine shows that WWE may have some huge plans in store for The Beast Incarnate soon to be sure. What’s more, this shows a hybrid arrangement with the UFC. Keep in mind how Lesnar was by the octagon at Daniel Cormier’s last battle?

Some have recommended that Brock Lesnar may convey the Universal Championship to UFC 230, happening this end of the week. Daniel Cormier has guaranteed to slap Lesnar in the face in the event that he chooses to appear for a battle. Keep in mind, the last time the two men met, Lesnar really pushed Cormier following his triumph.

Not a considerable measure of UFC idealists will be cheerful to see a WWE Championship brought into their sacrosanct octagon without a doubt. In any case, WWE may need more eyes on their item and even the UFC could profit by an appearance from Lesnar.

#1 Good, old fashioned, swerve

5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Became Universal Champion Again
5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Became Universal Champion Again

Let’s be realistic for a moment. Everybody anticipated that Braun Strowman would crush Brock Lesnar completely and wind up Universal Champion for the simple first time. All things considered, Lesnar has huge plans in the UFC and would not profit by a WWE run (is the thing that everybody thought). As Lesnar has done consistently, he simply refuted everybody. 5 Reasons Why Brock Lesnar Became Universal Champion Again

There is a sure persona to Lesnar. WCW Booker Kevin Sullivan once disclosed to me that Lesnar is one of only a handful couple of whizzes from WWE not via web-based networking media, and consequently, he generally keeps the group of onlookers speculating. He is the ruler of the swerve and accompanies heaps of shocks, each time he contends.

What WWE basically did at Crown Jewel is book a monstrous swerve. They cleared the carpet from under the group of onlookers’ feet, abandoning them all speculating.

Despite everything I don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s next for Lesnar, past AJ Styles and Survivor Series!

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