UFC 229 results: Anthony Pettis’ corner throws in the towel after two insane rounds fighting Tony Ferguson

Top-ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight contenders, Tony Ferguson (No. 2) and Anthony Pettis (No. 7), each wanted to enter their names in the Who Wants To Fight Conor McGregor Next Sweepstakes in UFC 229’s pay-per-view (PPV) main event tonight (Sat., Oct. 6, 2018) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ferguson — the former interim Lightweight champion — was returning from knee surgery just six months ago, which is the reason Pettis went after it immediately with a series of low kicks. Nevertheless, Ferguson stalked Pettis, switching stances and changing angles as he looked to confuse “Showtime.” Pettis finally exploded with a spinning attack, but Ferguson saw it coming and blocked the shots. Ferguson wasn’t giving Pettis an inch — he was all up in his business. Pettis tried to return fire, but he was constantly fighting off his back foot. Ferguson trapped him along the fence and nailed him with some hard shots before Pettis was able to circle out of danger. Ferguson closed out the round with a flurry, including a jumping Superman punch off the cage.

Ferguson literally ran out of his corner to start the second round, but Pettis dropped him with a straight right hand. He looked to follow up with more shots, but Ferguson rolled to escape. Pettis landed a few more shots in the wild scramble and suddenly there was blood everywhere. Ferguson was able to kick off Pettis and the referee stopped the action the moment they were both on the feet to check Pettis’ cut — it was deep. Nevertheless, the action resumed with Ferguson attacking Pettis’ body along the cage, chasing him around the Octagon once again and not letting him get a moment of rest. Relentless is an understatement. He trapped Pettis along the cage and landed some nice combinations, but Pettis fired back. Then they just decided to go punch-for-punch, elbow-for-elbow down the stretch until one craziest rounds in UFC history came to a close.

Then, just like that, it was all over. Between rounds Pettis revealed that his hand was broken, compelling his long-time trainer Duke Roufus to throw in the towel. It was a terrible way to end a truly amazing fight, but fighter safety trumps all else — fighting Ferguson in a phone booth for five more minutes with a broken hand would have definitely been a bad idea.

Conor McNuggets … WHERE YOU AT?!?!?!?!?!

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