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5 reasons why RAW defeated SmackDown Live 6-0


Wait, that wasn’t supposed to happen, WWE! While we were promised a competitive contest between the two brands, RAW completely obliterated SmackDown Live at Survivor Series 2018. Why WWE would book such a baffling pay-per-view is puzzling.

Let me try and make sense of it all, in this article. Chime in with your own thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to know what you guys thought of the squash.

Let me say at the very outset that I did not like how the event played out eventually. But WWE must have had something in mind for booking such an event, and I will try and answer why.

Here is my personal assessment of the situation.

#5 For Shane McMahon to step down as Commissioner

Shane McMahon has to make weekly appearances for SmackDown Live in his current role. He may want to become a special attraction, and only show up to wrestle when the situation so demands it. After all, McMahon is a family man who has to be on the road, to make it to television on a near-weekly basis.

Therefore, this loss allows Shane McMahon to possibly step down and for someone else to take his place. This stems from the fact that he also sent out an emotional tweet immediately following the clean sweep loss for SmackDown Live. It did indicate that a big change may be forthcoming on the next SmackDown Live episode:

This potentially allows for some other legend like Hulk Hogan or maybe even Edge to step up and freshen the brand as a brand new Authority Figure, going forward. It would be a facelift of sorts, for the blue brand.

#4 To add an air of unpredictability

I know that not everyone wanted RAW to win every single match. But win they did, and that’s how it will go down in the history books, this year. Everyone expected WWE to split the wins right down the middle, like they do it every single year. But WWE went the other way and added a surprising air of unpredictability to the occasion.

When we sit down to watch RAW, we often complain that we know how it is going to pan out over three hours, right? WWE decided to give us an outcome that none of us could predict. I know that this is not the outcome we like, but this is what we got at Survivor Series.

Sometimes, unpredictability can be a good thing. And sometimes, not so good as well.

#3 To not have Angle regain his position

We all know that Kurt Angle is supposed to be the General Manager of RAW. However, he was sent home by Stephanie McMahon, not long ago. Constable Corbin assumed his role and has been doing a great job as a heel character. But then, Stephanie McMahon hasn’t been too happy with his recent performance.

McMahon has constantly been urging him to prove his mettle as RAW General Manager. Corbin assured her that he had things under control. And with this clean sweep, he certainly does have things under control at least for the immediate time being.

This means that Angle may not come back as an authority figure. Which could lead to an eventual WrestleMania 35 match.

Corbin vs. Angle has had a long build and could have a big payoff too.

#2 To prove RAW is the dominant brand

Ultimately, it all boils down to what Vince McMahon thinks, doesn’t it? RAW has always been the dominant brand and SmackDown Live has always been an afterthought. Having the main brand squash an inferior brand, at least in his eyes, will not bother him.

WWE brass may believe that top RAW superstars like Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey may be too valuable to take the pin against a SmackDown Live star. And those matches were foregone conclusions anyway, as a result. Even in the under card, having a team like AoP lose momentum with a loss would not have served well, over time.

WWE Creative had the dominant brand come out on top and prove that three hours of RAW consists of the actual superstars. This could help revive interest in a brand with declining ratings, of late.

#1 Top SmackDown Live stars were missing

AJ Styles gets a rousing ovation wherever he performs around the world. As does Becky Lynch, who’s grown to become the most popular WWE performer today. Neither of the superstars was booked to be on the Survivor Series card. As a result, the entire lineup felt a little depleted overall.

Had they been on the card, it could have been a different story. I see Styles defeating the Beast, had they clashed for a second time. I see Lynch coming out on top in her clash against Rowdy Ronda Rousey.

Ultimately, the reason for the squash could have just been to provide a cliffhanger and make fans tune in to the show. How will SmackDown Live deal with the consequences of this rather embarrassing performance?

We find out on Tuesday night!

Source : Sportskeeda

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