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Best And Worst Of The RAW After SummerSlam


Many of you called SummerSlam the best WWE pay-per-view of the year. And when you look at it, it’s hard to dispute the facts. As long as the show was, there were few points where WWE lost our attention altogether. Which brings us to the fallout episode of RAW, immediately after SummerSlam.

It was plain as day that the landscape of WWE has completely changed following the biggest show of the summer. There is an air of freshness about proceedings now. I wonder how it will reflect in terms of TV ratings, going forward.

I would, as usual, love to hear your take on how the show was this week, and how you think WWE should book Roman Reigns as champion. Also, what did you guys think of the big Shield reunion?

Here’s what I thought of the events that transpired on this week’s show…

#1 Best: A fighting champion

I know some of you may be disappointed that Finn Balor did not recapture the Universal Championship. I’m just glad that he had a chance to compete for the title, at such a high level. Brock Lesnar would not show up at most pay-per-view events. Roman Reigns put up the title for grabs on RAW, against anyone who was interested.

To me, this was a positive and significant development. It showcases how Reigns will be booked as champion and I am down with the Universal Championship becoming a more featured attraction on RAW. Also, the fact of the matter is that Balor and Reigns put on a pretty solid match.

Will there be more matches between these men, going forward? I certainly do hope so.

Maybe Balor can indeed recapture the title someday.

#1 Worst: Booking of the Demon character

So, let me get this straight. Finn Balor tapped into his demon persona to take on Baron Corbin in a meaningless match with no stakes. And when he went up against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, he didn’t bring the Demon out. How does this decision make any kind of sense in storyline?

I know that wrestling is supposed to be silly, but some amount of logic would greatly serve the product. It’s an obvious question that I am sure a lot of you had as well.

Source : Sportskeeda

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