kit harington height

With great acting skill who is known as Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones and outside stage he is known as kit harington.Though there is rumer about his height that he is 5.6 feet which is not true. British actor kit harington actual height is 5’8″ in feet. If we talk about kit harington height in meter his height is 1.73m.

Is Kit Harington short?

We may catogorize Kit Harington in neither short nor in tall category. His height is average. In the cast photos with co-star Gawendoline Christie and Sophie Turner whose height are 6’3″ and 5’9″ respectively, his hieght seem shorter than those caste but his height is average. Many people asked about how tall is Jon Snow now they knew it. Jon Snow is 5.8 feet tall and 1.73m.

kit harington wife rose leslie height

As we are talking about Jon snow height let’s talk about Harington’s wife Rose Leslie height too.
In the photo of harington and his wife Rose Leslie the seem of same height when they are side by side.
It is beleived that kit harington wife rose leslie height is 5’2″ without her heels. Kit harington usually
do not prefer to talk about his relationship in the public but the once said that he fell in love while shooting Game of Thrones season 2 in Iceland with Rose Leslie. kit harrington had a great wedding during his marriage as said by him.

What is Kit Harington’s net worth and other cast of game of thrones

When we talk about the star of game of throne we cannot ignore the Harington and other cast of game of throne. With no further delay lets talk about the net worth of the Cast of Game of throne

Kit Harington net worth:  $12 million 

Thou the Game of Throne ended with the sad ending fans can never forget about Jon Snow one of the most important characters. With his great acting skill in the movie and in the series he was able to make a huge amount of money. It is reported that he take $500,000 per episode. Which made his net worth $12 million.

Maisie Williams net worth: $6 million

Arya Stark Maisie Williams) who killed the night king in Game of Thrones is reportedly makes $175,000 per episode which made her net worth an estimated $6 million.

Sophie Turner Net Worth: $6 million

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) who got place in Game of Thrones as first processional acting job had a great success is reportedly make $175,000 per episode which made her net worth an estimated $6 million.

Lena Headey Net Worth: $9 million

Lena Header already had an established acting career in acting before she got in the Game Of Throne. That is why is paid $500,000 per episode which made her net worth an estimated of $9 million.

Emilia Clarke Net Worth : $13 million

Who can forget the most beautiful Daenerys Targaryen( Emillia Clarke) the shine of the Game of Throne series. With her hard work and great acting she was able to make $500,000 per episode. Which made her net worth around $13 million.

Peter Dinklage Net Worth: $15 million

Tyrion Lannister who played in many famous movies had a net worth of $15 million.

Kit Harington reveals his Game Of Thrones plans

Games Of Thrones star Kit Harington is thinking about setting up involved with a watch as the epic arrangement arrives at an end. 

The performing artist, who has played agonizing legend Jon Snow since the principal scene of the dream dramatization disclosed in 2011, isn’t giving without end any spoilers, however, said the eagerly awaited end would leave fans “sincerely torn”.

Talking about his arrangements for the finale, he said he enjoyed the possibility of a Game Of Thrones party, yet that viewing in isolation likewise claims so he can take everything in.”I believe I will host a gathering,” he reveals to Sky News. “Goodness, I don’t know yet… I don’t know whether I need to watch it all alone unobtrusively just myself, or whether I’ll host a get-together and watch it with loads of other individuals.

“I just can’t generally choose that yet.”

Harington, 32, likewise talked about being the obvious go-to star for work with legendary animals, with his new film How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World out soon, and more insights concerning Jon Snow’s actual association with the Game Of Thrones winged serpents expected to be uncovered in the last series.”I work with mythical beasts a ton, it appears, every single changed sort and sizes and shapes,” he says. “Which is brilliant… I mean, peculiar. I don’t know how that occurred in my life.

“I trust it’s not the finish of working with monsters.”

Harington was cast in the second How To Train Your Dragon film, voicing the character of Eret, an adversary to saint Hiccup who later changes his ways.

The most recent film is the third to be made, finishing the trilogy. Harington says principle mythical beast Toothless and the others in the film were “significantly more joyful” than those in Game Of Thrones.

“The ones on Thrones are somewhat irritable,” he says. “These ones are insidious, yet I think marginally increasingly well disposed to people.”

Taking a shot at How To Train Your Dragon in the studio was likewise “much increasingly agreeable” than being out on an area in Game Of Thrones, with a significant number of his scenes taped in solidifying Iceland.

“It’s unquestionably a more agreeable affair being a piece of this than perhaps being in Game Of Thrones,” he says. “This you’re in a decent warm corner, individuals are bringing you espressos it’s a great deal of fun. And furthermore you’re in a stay with only three or four other individuals, so you get the opportunity to have a great deal of fun without the weight of many individuals taking a gander at you.”

He included: “I adore chipping away at this film on the grounds that your part is a considerably littler gear-tooth than expected in that you have these extraordinary artists and this gigantic group of individuals that make what you’re doing look great, which is a superb thing.”

What’s more, the How To Train Your Dragon films gave a touch of light alleviation from the power of Game Of Thrones.

Like Jon Snow, Harington has absolutely experienced the factory, losing his sweetheart Ygritte (played by Rose Leslie, who he wedded in 2018) and notwithstanding resurrecting in the 6th arrangement.

kit harington wedding
kit harington height

“I ponder playing a fantastically uncomic character for a long time, who’s agonizing and considers himself excessively important, is that you would then be able to remove the mickey from yourself for being excessively agonizing and excessively genuine,” he says. Harington says he was a major aficionado of the main How To Train Your Dragon film, so it was an “easy decision” when he was approached to join the cast, which incorporates Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, and Kristen Wig, for the second and third.

“You have some enlivened films which are the simply splendid diversion for children, and after that, you have some energized motion pictures which sort of point towards the entire family, and I figure this one does both,” he says.

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“Yet additionally now in the third film it’s sort of developed into youthful grown-ups, so it has this voyage to it which I haven’t seen in numerous other vivified movies, which I believe is brilliant.”The Game Of Thrones consummation will be “enthusiastic for everybody viewing and everybody who was included”, says Harington.

“It will be… only the entire thing finishing, it’s completing, it’s wrapping up, somewhat like these motion pictures are.

“It’s interesting being a piece of these motion pictures and completing this side of my mythical beast motion pictures, and afterward the other enormous one in my life completing also.

“I think watchers will be sincerely torn about it finishing.”

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