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Kurt Angle News: WWE legend names dream opponent for retirement match


What’s the story?

Kurt Angle has had a career that few others in sports entertainment can truly boast of, across his two WWE runs. However, time catches up with everyone and retirement is a serious possibility for the legendary Olympic Gold Medalist.

Angle answered a bunch of questions in a Facebook Question & Answer session that he was recently part of. I would like to thank WrestleZone for the heads up.

In case you didn’t know…

Angle was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame after a leave of absence from the company. Even though he’s returned to the company as an authority figure, he’s wrestled a fair few matches as well.

He was most recently part of a squash match against Drew McIntyre. McIntyre is being given a big push and Angle was a casualty in this push. Baron Corbin is now the acting General Manager while he’s been sent away on ‘vacation’.

The heart of the matter

When the question of having a retirement match was brought up, Angle narrowed down the list of candidates to two suspects:

That’s tough. I see so much talent right now. It’s hard to pick one. AJ Styles or Samoe Joe or Seth Rollins or Daniel Bryan. Then you have Sheamus and Cesaro. [Baron] Corbin. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan. I’d have to go with either Rollins or Bryan. Only because I’ve never wrestled them and I’ve had my eye on them for 5 years.

Angle also had some important teachings from his wrestling career:

Take care of your body. I abused mine and ignored the aches, pains and injuries. If I did it over again I’d take better care of myself. Your body is a temple.

What’s next?

It’s not yet known when Kurt Angle will return to action. It is probable that as WrestleMania season approaches, he will be part of the mix yet again. Maybe we could see these two matches take place someday.

Source : Sportskeeda

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