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Marijuana can be risky for people with heart problems


Although marijuana may have some benefits, but its use can lead to health problems for older people with cardiovascular disease. One case, in particular, is solving some questions. Marijuana can be risky for people with heart problems.

In recent years, legalization of marijuana has become more widespread.

Some people use medicines in a fun way, while some use it to relieve the effects of chronic pain and some mental health issues.

However, experts say that more research has been done on the effects of marijuana in older people.

Specifically, the scientific community needs to focus on educating the public on aspects such as potential impacts and recommended doses.

Report of the Canadian Journal of Cardiology Case goes like this. It examined a 70-year-old man, who had a heart attack after eating lollipops, which was infected with 90 mg (mg) of Tetrahidrocanabinol (THC) – which is largely responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects.

The man lived with a coronary artery disease, and he was taking cardiac medicine. He ate most lollipops and did this to help reduce pain and improve sleep.

Dr. Alexandra Saunders – who work in the Cardiology Department of the Horizon Health Network in New Brunswick, Canada – have said the man’s 90mg dosage as “inappropriate”

A typical joint smoker will spread to one person only 7 mg of THC, while an initial dose of synthetic THC, called dronebinol, is only 2.5 mg. People with AIDS or cancer use this version, and it can also fight nausea and can stimulate appetite.

A cardiovascular link
A person consuming large amounts of THC made him experience anxiety and hallucinations. These effects are put on its body, which causes the possibility of a heart attack, triggering a reaction in the sympathetic nerve nerve.

The phenomenon of their heart was rapidly displayed by the release of heart rate, unusually high blood pressure and stress hormone catechylamine. As soon as the effect of marijuana was over, the pain of a man’s chest disappeared.

Earlier, news of similar incidents that led to the connection between consumption of cannabis and adverse cardiovascular events was reported. It has happened from an irregular heartbeat to stroke and even sudden death.

a word of warning
The doctors who investigated the most recent case have issued advice, especially for older people who use marijuana.

They advise people to use possible small dose for their chosen benefits. Anyone who has a heart condition or high risk of developing it should stay away from THC. Instead, they can try canibodyol, which is a non-optimal alternative.

Factors like tolerance and consumption method should also be kept in mind. For example, for a person who has smoked marijuana for a long time, he may experience less disturbing side effects than a person who is not used for medication.

Similarly, by eating a THC-infected brownie or lollipop, a person can be exposed more than THC if they have used a vaporizer.

With further disintegration, it is expected that the scientists will work on further research on possible side effects of marijuana. For now, educating the public – especially the aging members should be given priority.

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For better or worse, “Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Medical Science at the University of California, Dr. Neil L Benowitz has concluded, “Providing advice and care to patients who are using cannabis is now essential for the provision of these optimal medical care to patients.”

Source : medicalnewstoday

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