Midnight Mania! Quite a few QAnon believers are MMA, Joe Rogan fans

QAnon, the truly bizarre conspiracy theory that posits Trump and Mueller as heroes of a secret campaign to bust pedophile rings of the rich and powerful, has a number of followers that also happen to be MMA and Joe Rogan fans.

This is the finding from Vox’s analysis of the QAnon subreddit, the thread on Reddit where much of the plot percolates. It’s the casual followers who tend to be MMA fans:

Joe Rogan featuring prominently isn’t altogether surprising. He is known for giving a platform on his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, to a number of right-wingers such as Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, as well as people who entertain theories outside of the normal realm of discourse, including most famously Eddie Bravo, but also figures like Graham Hancock, who push fringe theories (unrelated to QAnon) that appeal to the imagination but are, to say the least, controversial from a scientific point of view.

Perhaps Rogan is the link from QAnon to MMA, or perhaps our oddball sport just attracts minds susceptible to wild, implausible theories. At any rate, there was a stronger overlap with crypocurrency, gaming, and men’s rights activism. Of those, gaming just has a wide reach among males. Cryptocurrency happens to be an interest of several MMA fighters including Jon Fitch, Rory Macdonald and Ben Askren. As for men’s rights… safe to say it reinforces the notion that the audience for QAnon is a mostly (though far from exclusively) male audience.

Source : mmamanica

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