One Village in Jharkhand where the leader is not allowed to enter

8 Vaashakh, Kathmandu Election in India is now in India. Everywhere the flag of the party, the candidates of the candidates are seen. But in one of the villages there is no reason for the election. That is the village. This village is a part of the Palakot section of Gumla district under Jharkhand. This village, which was born by former Minister of State for State and MP from Jharkhand, M. M. Akbar, has been called ‘ideal village’ in government documents. One Village in Jharkhand where the leader is not allowed to enter.

There are no electoral flags in the roof of any house in the Alankera village. Some houses appear red-yellow colorful Mahavari flag. In these flags, there is a picture of Hanuman flying in the air with mountains and donkeys in the hand. It is clear from here that the public Ramnavami has been worshiped here.

MJ Akbar once came to this village. At that time, he promised various villagers. The government officials who went to the village along with him also joined Homa. But there is no such indication called “Model Village”.

After returning to Aj Akbar, here he got some bricks, cement sacks, sand, grinding poles and granite pieces of stones. From this, two primary schools were walled around. A stream of water was made but its water did not get any water.

Black colored water is tanked on the solid structure. Bottom plastic dash below. The black color of black-colored stone is written in golden color here- This is built with the help of M. Akbar MP.

Apart from this, Mr. Akbar Akbar is not named. So the villagers are angry about him. They say- We are not only by Mohammed Akbar but also all MPs and legislators have stolen.

From this, poor villagers have kept the bar on the main street of the village. It has been written in- ‘Leaders are not allowed to enter’. This time has been removed after the administration’s administration, but the villagers are unaware of the exclusion of the election.

No roads, no votes

The distance cable of Alankera village from Palkot is seven miles [7 km]. But it takes 45 minutes to reach the car. Motorcycles can be reached in half an hour. It is the easiest bicycle ride according to the way. It takes about one hour to ride a bicycle from Palakot.

However, the journey is risky. Because many people who have been riding on the road and running bicycle and motorcycle have legs broken.

According to Alkharnarayan Singh of the village, road condition has been similar to many years. So the villagers gathered together and decided not to make a road, but no vote.

He said – Now we have removed the bar on the road. Because the government representatives of Palkot have given the assurance of opening the tender of road construction after the election.

No leaders come

MJ Akbar is such an independent public representative who came to the village 10-12 years later. No candidates here to ask for a vote.

Alankera Village, which is about five thousand population is part of the Khat Lok Sabha area of ​​Jharkhand. Kodiya Mundda, former vice-president of the Lok Sabha MP, got five times from here. But the villagers have complained, he did not take a single step in the village once again.

The BJP has not given him a ticket this time. Instead, instead of the former Chief Minister Arjun Munda is the candidate.

Chhatrapal Singh profession of the village is a teacher. He said, ‘No reason why the leaders are left there, no leaders are here. Their workers come and ask for a vote. ‘

Chitrapal Singh said, “There was no candidate here for the vote during the Lok Sabha and assembly elections in the past. But Nirmal Kumar Basra is the last public representative of the legislature who came here after his death. This is also a matter of long ago. Then Akbar Akbar came here. The people here were always giving a vote. But this time we have decided not to vote unless the road is guaranteed. ‘

He said, ‘I was a bicycles in a youth. But nowhere dare I have been injured many times in the road. How do you develop yourself without the road?

There is no water, no marriage

There are 40-50 families belonging to Alankera village, more than 500 households. The rest of the houses are from Urvas and Munda tribes.

The Rajput claims that the tribals here give the vote to whom we have said. Candidates do not hesitate to walk in village-in-law in such a situation, because the cables were found to meet the two-four Rajput families if they were asked for a full village. However, the vote of vote has been discriminated for this time. Rajput also has many groups. Tribals have started to keep their talk.

Silas Beck of the village labor He is tribal The wage wages are taking family. He says, ‘The road is our main problem. If this is not made, do not vote. Because we know that after receiving a vote, no leaders will come to make roads. ‘

According to Kishan Girdhari Singh of the village, there is no water supply in the Alkanera village nor the means of irrigation. So the cabbage here is cultivated only. Farmers are dependent on the water of the water and the cage river, which is flowing by the side. This river also sinks in the summer.

Naman Kumar Bhardwaj of the village said, “For the drinking water, the villagers are full of pomegranate. Most of the hand pumps are broken. The water of the well is not worth drinking.

Ritesh Kumar Singh was 26 years old. But they are not married. According to him, the guardians do not accept their daughter in this village. Parents think that it is not right to send a daughter by marrying in the village of Alankera because the road is not good. So, dozens of youngsters of this age are Kumar.

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Meanwhile, local development officer Shankar Akka of Palakot has prepared a construction of 26 kilometers long road to Alpekeyee from Alakkera to Palkot. But it has not been announced due to the election code of conduct. By election, its work will begin.

He said, ‘So, I have called for some people of the village and asked not to leave the election. I hope they will obey me. ‘

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