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The biggest winners and losers from last night’s Raw (September 24)


Last night’s Raw may have planted an intriguing seed, but it was again filled with filler, where nothing much felt like it really mattered, even with Super Showdown in Australia less than two weeks away.

Raw is being smothered and the show desperately needs a shot of adrenaline. While every angle on SmackDown has felt like it mattered since the summer, Raw lacks excitement beyond a main event scene which is itself a convoluted mess. There was a ton of filler last night, even more so than usual.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at last night’s show and discover who got the most and least out of the episode.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

The main roster has the subtlety of a freight train, but this was a welcome development nonetheless. Fans have been clamoring for a Dean Ambrose heel turn for a long time and this may have been the beginning of that story. Seeing Ambrose in the ring without a title compared to his peers was a nice visual and the villains of Raw tried to exploit that throughout the night.

Losers: The Bella Twins

Add this to the growing list of reasons why the return of the Bella Twins has been so npoor.

Sure, accidents happen, but Brie Bella’s sloppiness was again on display last night when she again tried to leech off her husband’s popularity. Incorporating the Yes kicks into her repertoire, she knocked Live Morgan silly. Not to be outdone, she then botched a forearm to Ruby Riott.

None of this made the looming match at Super Showdown any more exciting, let alone the rumored main event of Evolution.

The sooner that pay per view is in the rearview mirror and the Bella twins are off TV (especially Brie), the better. WWE’s revisionist history has been comical here, and the company is forgetting that the Bellas were one of the primary reasons fans demanded the “women’s revolution” in the first place.

Losers: Chad Gable and Bobby Roode

Because the “creative” team obviously has nothing else for them, the feud between Gable, Roode, and The Ascension needed to continue. This time, 50/50 went into full effect and Gable took a loss to Konnor, the same guy who’s barely won any matches in the past few years.

This was a true burial.

Winner: Nia Jax

I’ll tentatively mark this down as a win for now. Nia Jax needed some momentum after being on the shelf for a couple of months.

However, if this doesn’t lead to a women’s tag team division, none of these matches will matter a dime. While women’s tag team titles themselves represent problems, there are too many random women’s tag team matches anyway.

At least these matches can mean something.

Source : Sportskeeda

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