Time Using Quantum Computer has been Reverse by Physicists

Researchers from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, together with colleagues from the United States and Switzerland, returned the status of quantum computers to each other in the past. He also calculated the possibility that an electron in the empty interstellar space will be spontaneously returning to its recent past.

“This is one in a series of papers on the possibility of violating the second law of thermodynamics. This law is closely related to the concept of arrows at that time which presents a one-way direction of time: from the past to the future, “the study’s lead author Gordi Lesovich commented, which was the laboratory head of the physics of quantum information technology In MIPT.

“We start by describing the second type of so-called local permanent speed machine. Then, in December, we published a paper in which the violation of another law was discussed through a device called Maxwell’s Monster, “Lesosov said. “The most recent paper faces the same problem from the third angle: we have made a state artificially that develops in the opposite direction of the thermodynamic arrows of time.”

Which makes the future different from the past

Most physics rules do not make any difference between future and past. For example, an equation describes the collision and rebound of two identical billiard balls. If that event is recorded with a close-up camera and played in reverse, then it can still be represented by the same equation. Apart from this, no recording can tell whether it has been accepted. Both versions seem plausible. It appears that the balls of the billiards are ignored

However, imagine someone has recorded the Q ball breaking into the pyramid, scattered billiard balls in all directions. There is no need to know the rules of the game to tell the real-life scenario from reverse playback. The latter form makes it so absurd that we have an intuitive understanding of the second law of thermodynamics: A separate system is either stable or develops in a state of chaos rather than sequence.

Most other laws of physics do not prevent billiard balls from collecting in a pyramid, a volcano with a transit tea, or a volcanic eruption in the reverse, flowing back into the tea bag. But we do not see anything from it, because it requires a separate arrangement so that it is possible to assume a more orderly state without any external interference, which is contrary to the second law. The nature of that law has not been explained in detail, but the researchers have taken a lot of interest in understanding it.

Spontaneous time reversal

Quantum physicists of MIPT decided to check whether the time is for at least one individual particle and vice versa for a fraction of a second. That is, instead of hitting the billiard balls, they examined a secluded electron in the empty interstellar space.

“Suppose that when we start observing it, the electron is local. This means that we are very sure about its position in space. The rules of quantum mechanics prevent us from knowing it with complete accuracy, but we can outline a small area where the electron is localized, “says M.P.T. and ETH Zurich, co-author of the study, Andre Lebedev.

Physicists show that the development of the electron state is controlled by the equation of Schrodinger. Although it does not make any difference between future and past, the area of ​​space with electrons will spread very quickly. That is, the system becomes more chaotic. The uncertainty of the position of the electron is increasing. This is in line with a growing disorder in the system – such as a billiard table – due to the second law of thermoregulation.

“However, Schrodinger’s equation is reversible,” says Valerie Winokur, co-author of the paper, “Argan National Laboratory, from US” mathematically, means that under a definite change, complex conjugation is said, the equation ‘Smirad ‘. Localization of electrons in a small area of ​​space in the same time period. “Although this phenomenon has not been seen in nature, it is theoretical. B cosmic microwave may cause a random fluctuation in the background.

The team calculated the likelihood of a “smear out” of an electron on a second place while localizing it in its recent past. It has been discovered that even if a person is observing 10 billion fresh localized electrons every year – the entire lifetime of the universe – 13.7 billion years – the reverse development of the state of the particle will be only once. And yet, the electron will not travel more than ten-billionth of a second in the past.

A large scale event, which includes billiard balls, volcanoes etc., apparently appear on much longer times and facilitates an amazing number of electrons and other particles. It explains why we do not see older people separating the small or ink spots from the paper.

Time on demand

The researchers then tried to reverse the time in the four-stage experiment. Instead of an electron, he observed the status of a quantum computer made of two, and later three basic elements were called Superconducting Qubit.

The four stages of the actual experiment on a quantum computer mirror the stages of the thought experiment involving an electron in space and the imaginary analogy with billiard balls. Each of the three systems initially evolves from order toward chaos, but then a perfectly timed external disturbance reverses this process.
The four stages of the actual experiment on a quantum computer mirror the stages of the thought experiment involving an electron in space and the imaginary analogy with billiard balls. Each of the three systems initially evolves from order toward chaos, but then a perfectly timed external disturbance reverses this process.

Step 1: Order. Each quay is initialized in the position of land, which is considered to be zero. This highly ordered configuration matches localized electron in a small area, or rack of billiard balls before the break.

Step 2: Decrease. Order lost. Like electron stains on a large area of ​​space rapidly, or the rack is broken at the pool table, the condition of the web becomes zero and the more complex patterns of people are formed. This is achieved by launching the development program in Quantum Computer in a nutshell. In fact, due to interaction with the environment, a similar decline will happen automatically. However, the controlled program of autonomous development will enable the final phase of the experiment.

Step 3: Time Reversal A special program modifies the position of quantum computer in such a way that it will again develop chaos “backwards”. This is similar to the fluctuation of random microwave background in the case of operation electron, but this time it is deliberately motivated. For example, a clear distant copy for billiards example would be someone who gave a completely calculated calculation to the table.

Step 4: Upliftment. The development program has been started from the second phase. Provided that the “kick” has been successfully delivered, the result of this program is not more chaos, but rather reminds the past of the situation again in the past, as the way a blot electron will be localized or billiard balls The trajectory must be reversed. Playback, finally build a triangle.

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Researchers found that in two-fourth quantum computers, 85 percent of cases actually came back in the early stages. When three quits were included, there were more errors, which resulted in success rate of almost 50 percent. According to the authors, these errors are due to flaws in the real quantum computer. As more sophisticated tools are designed, error rates are expected to decrease.

Overall, time-aligned algorithms can prove useful only to make quantum computers more accurate. “Our algorithm can be updated and programs written for quantum computers can be used to test and eliminate noise and errors,” Lebedev explained.

Source : Scitechdaily

Images: @tsarcyanide/MIPT Press Office

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