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What are you bird flu? How does it spread?


Some days, bird flu confirmed that around 1.5 million chickens were destroyed in Hetauda, ​​Kathmandu, Kaski and the city. In the winter season, the information about social networking may be seen by the farmers who were treated as ill with illness in different parts of the country. What are you bird flu? How does it spread?.

In the meantime, member of the active cursor group and donor-bearers suppliers and agro-friendly operators have not diagnosed their diseases due to their medical treatment. But the chicken was not stopped. When the model brought during the monitoring of the monitoring and monitoring of the government level, once the chickens died on the test test, it was confirmed that the infection of H5N1 Influenza virus has also been confirmed, which has also confirmed the World Health Organization.

Infected in the chicken species of the above species, it is called bird flu. The symptom is similar to the illness. Influenza-A virus is classified as two types based on the protein.

1) Snow Eglu Tinin 2) Neura Minidas (N1-N9) is found in protein virgin viruses. This virus can be categorized as follows. Extremely pathogenic avian influenza and 2) less pathogenic avian influenza.

Diseases of transmission: Extreme pathogenic viruses spread rapidly on the goat. Low pathogenic virus is less fatal. This usually affects flower production in chickens. Avian influenza is spread by most of infected and healthy birds.

This disease infection spreads indirectly / directly through the corrupt device. This virus is found in the infected bird’s eyes, mouths, and eyebrows. Extreme pediatric disease spreads from direct contact with infected birds in the person. People are infected by humans in humans.

Symptoms of disease: Symptoms of influenza disease on the chicken and death rate depends on the stress and host species.

Low pathogenic influenza disease: Low pathogenic aven influenza virus usually prevents hazardousness, cough, eye, nose spread through the hole. It shows respiratory symptoms. The lack of flower production, decrease in reproductive ability, blind eye failure, diarrhea fails, and its main symptoms of eggs. Mortality in the flock is often reduced. The turbidity of this disease increases with other bacteria and viruses.

Excessive pathogenic avian influenza: Highly diagnostic avian influenza disease is considered to be a serious disease of turkey, chicken and other bird species. Diseases of death are excessive. Due to this disease, death rate is up to 100 percent. No symptoms shown in excessive acute illness can be up to 100 percent of death. The disease causes bleeding on hearing, blue, legs and muscles. The mouth, the nose, the nose will flow.

The disease leading to the birds: Human infection is considered to be rare from the birds. Most of the human diseases, Eurosian HSNI, have been from most of the pathogenic avian influenza infections. Symptoms of avian flu infections in humans depend on stress and virus. HSN virus shows signs of flu in humans. As scarlet, diarrhea, hard to breathe, excessive hard fever, headache, muscle aching, singing, etc.

Prevention measures
Focusing attention to hygiene, protecting pets from animals or wild birds, taking care of the catering and vessel can reduce the risk of avi-influenza disease.

Compliance is mandatory and useful in the chicken farm al-al-al-out process. Chicken farm should not be taken from living diseases or other means of living. Those who do not come to contact with regular birds, are less likely to have the risk of avian influenza disease.

Chicken adherence, labor-care, wildlife expert, veterinarians etc. are more likely to lead to diseases. Chicken should be kept away from outer birds and three toxins. Using infection control personal protection equipment can reduce the avian influenza infection.

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Eye, nose, mouth protection is considered to be important. Because these viruses enter through the body through them. The use of appropriate protection equipment, apron, gloves, shoes or boot cover, is considered to be the use of protective glass.

Treatment: There is no specific treatment for infected birds influenza virus. It is appropriate to bury a sick chick.

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