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WWE News: The Brothers of Destruction attack DX on Monday Night Raw


What’s the story?

The feud between Triple H and The Undertaker took a physical turn this week when The Undertaker and Kane attacked the two members of D-Generation X to end Monday Night Raw.

In case you didn’t know…

The Undertaker and Triple H will wrestle at Super Show-Down, marking six years since they last faced each other at WrestleMania 28.

Michaels and Kane will also be in attendance in the corners of Triple H and Undertaker respectively.

The heart of the matter

Michaels came down to the ring to talk more about the situation surrounding himself, Triple H and The Undertaker.

After threatening to hit Kane with the Sweet Chin Music, Kane’s pyro and music went off and he attacked the WWE Hall of Famer.

The Undertaker’s iconic gong sounded, and the arena went black and The Brothers of Destruction towered over Michaels.

Michaels was hoisted up by The Undertaker for a tombstone attempt, but was stopped by Triple H who made his way down to the ring and starting trading strikes with Taker and Kane.

Eventually, both Michaels and Triple H would attack the Brothers of Destruction, but Kane and The Undertaker would take control and hit their signature Double Chokeslam.

Before leaving the ring, The Undertaker hit Triple H with a Tombstone Piledriver before walking up the ramp with Kane.

What’s next?

Since Michael’s last interaction with The Undertaker, rumors have begun to spread suggesting that The Heartbreak Kid could come out of retirement for a tag team match against The Brothers of Destruction.

No match has been formally announced, but the rumors suggest the match could happen at Crown Jewel or Survivor Series.

Author’s Take

Usually the team that gets the upper hand on television loses at the pay-per-view, so there is a pretty good chance that Triple H will pick up the victory against The Undertaker.

Whether that will be their last interaction remains to be seen.

Source : Sportskeeda

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