WWE Rumor Mill: Samoa Joe was originally scheduled to win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam

What’s the story?

Samoa Joe defeated AJ Styles via disqualification at SummerSlam, but it appears that this wasn’t the original finish that WWE had in mind for the WWE Championship match.

In case you didn’t know…

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe have crossed paths a number of times in TNA and definitely have a lot of history together, which could be why Joe has been allowed to get personal and bring AJ’s wife and children into the storyline.

Samoa Joe hasn’t won a Championship in WWE since he was in NXT and it was thought that this would finally be the feud that put him on the map after more than 18 months of moving from feud to feud without reaping any benefits.

The heart of the matter

Even though AJ Styles retained his WWE Championship at SummerSlam, according to RingReport this wasn’t the original plan for the match between the two stars. WWE originally considered allowing Samoa Joe to defeat Styles, but this must have changed last minute.

There are a number of factors that could explain why Joe wasn’t given the title at SummerSlam, including the boost that Styles will be given as the face of 2K19, but the report goes on to speculate that the two men will meet once again at Hell in a Cell and this time the result could be very different.

What’s next?

AJ Styles has held the WWE Championship for almost a year and he has defeated a number of worthy challengers in that time, but none of those men have stooped to the levels that Joe has in order to take away that title. The feud between the two men has continued over this past week and will definitely come to a head at Hell in a Cell.

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Source : Sportskeeda

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