Best and Worst of RAW- 10th September, 2018

I daresay that I was a little disappointed by RAW this week. I expected a lot more action and excitement than what we were presented this time around. It felt like a lot of filler crammed into three long hours. Which is a shame because RAW has not been awful in the weeks leading up to this week.

I thought WWE could have done a lot more to get us invested in the action that will unfold at Hell in a Cell. The show felt uninspired and at times, lazily written. I wonder if we were so low on action this week, because WWE wanted to protect the talent before the PPV.

That said, I will perform my duty and bring you the best and worst of this week’s show. I urge you folks to leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the action.

Here’s my assessment of the events from this week!

#1 Best: The special guest referee

Mick Foley made the Hell in a Cell match into the legendary structure we know it for today. Therefore, I think it’s only fitting that twenty years since he took the tumble, he was brought back to be the special guest referee. This is big news and I couldn’t be happier for him. It’ll be interesting to see what role he plays during the match.

I have a feeling that Mr. Socko will come out at some point. Some of you who may have wanted a straight up wrestling match may be a little disappointed. For my part, I am not.

How good was the promo Mick Foley cut this week? If only the current roster can learn to deliver promos with as much passion as the legend did!

Maybe Foley can do a special class in the WWE Performance Center.

#1 Worst: Burying the entire RAW locker room

I hated when the nWo used to do it in WCW, during their peak. I hate it now when The Shield did it on RAW, this week. How can three men with axe handles take on the whole heel locker room and win, quite easily? Especially when it includes powerhouses like the Authors of Pain, among them.

This just devalues the rest of the locker room and makes their own programs feel meaningless. From actual characters, they go to being mere bodies for The Shield to just steamroll through.

#2 Best: Seeds of dissent sown

WWE made us scratch our heads by putting Bobby Roode and Chad Gable together. But then the rumour emerged about Bobby Roode possibly turning heel and it all made sense to me. The company’s been doing little things to make me believe that Roode will turn on Gable very soon indeed.

Did you notice Gable interrupting Roode’s ‘glorious’ promo last week? Did you notice Gable tagging Roode in this week, when he had the match won? The groundwork for a heel turn has been laid.

I like how WWE is trying to actually tell a story here. Moreover, we’ve all seen how good Roode is as a heel in NXT and you know it’s going to be better, if he turns!

#2 Worst: Waste of time

Last week’s segment with Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker made sense to me. Michaels’ return to the ring was teased and how! I expected Triple H’s promo to be a massive follow up to the events from last week.

Well, in a way it was. But somehow, whatever Triple H had to say did not really feel important. The whole deal about The Undertaker losing respect for himself, only to say that he plans to beat The DeadMan up seemed confused.

Source : Sportskeeda

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