Home WWE WWE Raw results 28th May 2018, latest Monday Night Raw winners

WWE Raw results 28th May 2018, latest Monday Night Raw winners


WWE Raw results 28th May 2018, latest Monday Night Raw winners

The current week’s Monday Night RAW commenced with a short video reel to respect the fallen troopers on the event of Memorial Day. The group was droning ‘USA…USA…’ as Braun Strowman made his passage.

He said he’s sure that he will win the Money in the Bank attaché and be called Mr Monster in the Bank. He likewise specified that he’ll trade out the folder case against Brock Lesnar and Finn Balor intruded on him with his passage.

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Balor requested that Stroman not be so certain and the Monster Amongst Men called him a ‘little man’. Finn slapped Braun in the face and Strowman tossed him out of the ring. Kurt Angle came in and reported the rematch between the two as the primary match of the night.

#1 Finn Balor vs Braun Strowman

WWE Raw results 28th May 2018, latest Monday Night Raw winners

Strowman tossed Balor over the ring as the match began. Finn avoided a correct hand however took another to the gut took after by a headbutt. Bobby Roode was watching the match from backstage and Kevin Owens was on critique obligation.

Balor hit Braun with a twofold dropkick however scarcely figured out how to hurt him. The two exchanged right hands and Balor went down. Strowman ventured on Balor’s chest before tossing him around some more. The Demon King went for a dropkick and Braun struck back with his very own kick. Kevin Owens got on the stage mic, forsaking his discourse spot and occupied Strowman as we headed into plugs.

Balor was outside when we returned and Strowman took him out with a running tackle. Finn tossed Braun directly into the ring post and once in the ring, he hurled Strowman over the ropes and out with a dropkick. Balor caught up with a jump over the best rope yet Braun recuperated quickly.

Braun took a twofold step on the back and after that a Coupe de Grace. Balor was going to complete the match when Kevin Owens interfered with Balor and tossed him outside, making the match end in a DQ wrap up. KO at that point took out a stepping stool from under the ring and hit Finn with it. He at that point went to assault Strowman in the ring however The Monster overwhelmed KO.

Owens was tossed out of the ring the stepping stool tailed him, hitting the ground just inches far from him, on account of Braun Strowman.

Result: Finn Balor versus Braun Strowman finished in a DQ wrap up

Backstage, KO was in a rush to leave the setting and Kurt Angle discloses to him he can’t on the grounds that he has a match against Bobby Roode. KO withdrew to the locker room and Angle stood, grinning.

Elias continued offending the group amid his execution, notwithstanding calling them ‘sickening’. He requested the lighting and sound to be settled and called himself a ‘renaissance man’. The execution was stopped with the passageway of Seth Rollins. Rollins tossed out Elias’ seat and motioned for him to leave the ring. Elias left and Rollins prepared for his title coordinate with Jinder Mahal.

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