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Best And Worst of SmackDown Live- 30th October, 2018


SmackDown Live scored one of the lowest numbers in terms of viewership in the show’s short-lived history, last week. They bounced back with a pretty enjoyable show this week, I felt. The matches were great and although it wasn’t perfect, the show flowed by quick enough. It was a top-heavy show, however…beginning with a bang right at the very top.

But that’s not to take away from the action that followed. There was very little that was ‘bad’ beyond the three points I’ve mentioned here. It was a much better effort than last week’s show at least, I felt.

So, it’s time for my ‘Best and Worst’ column for this week. As always, feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Whether you agree or disagree with me, I always have a great time reading and following your thoughts and feedback.

#1 Best: A dream match

It is a well-known fact that Daniel Bryan has refused to go to Crown Jewel. One can argue with the morality of such a decision, but I am not a political analyst, and I will leave such discussions to those more learned than me.

What I can tell you is that I was disappointed that I may not get to see a Styles vs. Bryan match. And boy, was I wrong!

This week began with AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan putting on a show for their fans on SmackDown Live, in one of the best matches we’ve seen on weekly television in a while.

The storytelling was great, with Styles attacking Bryan’s knee. I loved how it played into the finish too!

#1 Worst: Tye Dillinger’s legitimate injury

We were all prepped up for a match between Nakamura and Dillinger this week. And then, WWE informed us that the match would no longer be taking place. Tye Dillinger has suffered a legitimate injury that has ruled him out of action for a while. He is in Birmingham, Alabama for an immediate surgery procedure.

Dillinger has had a pretty rough ride in the main roster thus far. We all know that the man has a whole lot of talent, but in a roster as stacked as this one, he hasn’t been able to rise to the very top.

This match could have been the contest that turned his fortunes around, but it does seem like we’ll have to wait a while for Dillinger’s return to action.

We wish the man a very speedy recovery.

#2 Best: Becky Lynch’s Promo

Becky Lynch is the hottest thing going in WWE right now. She has the support of the WWE Universe and she silenced all her detractors by putting on a ‘Match of the Year’ worthy performance at WWE Evolution. We all know that she’s scheduled to face Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series.

Lynch cut a very passionate promo on the show this week. She told, Ronda Rousey, a woman known for ripping arms off that she was going to Survivor Series to rip her arm off. I can’t wait to see how Rousey responds to this challenge.

While she may be a heel on paper, Becky Lynch’s promo this week bordered on Tweener territory, almost like an MMA promo oozing with confidence galore. I am really excited to see the clash between the two women play out.

#2 Worst: Another Styles vs. Joe match

Do I think that if given the opportunity AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will put on a fabulous match? I absolutely do. I just don’t want to see the two men clash again after their feud culminated so perfectly with their last encounter.

I know that this match is a last minute Crown Jewel replacement because Daniel Bryan has refused to travel to Saudi Arabia for the pay-per-view event. I also know that AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, who’re best friends in real life, will make good use of this opportunity to work a great match with one another. I’m just not sure I want to see it one more time.

Considering Joe also laid Daniel Bryan out, I’m guessing there’s a feud down the line between those two as well. Now that is a program I wouldn’t mind seeing when it kicks off.

#3 Best: Tribute to The Brood

The Brood was one of the most popular factions from the Attitude Era. It comprised Gangrel, Edge and Christian. Because it was Halloween and also Edge’s birthday, The New Day decided to pay homage to the faction this week. I thought it was a great tribute.

The match that followed wasn’t really anything to write home about. A ‘trick or street’ fight can only be taken so seriously, because of all the components involved and the participants did a commendable job. I don’t know if I’m really invested in this feud between The New Day and The Bar and Big Show, because it hasn’t exactly set the world on fire thus far.

But I’m sure everyone marked out when The Brood’s music hit this week. Hope you have a really great birthday, Edge!

#3 Worst: The US Title picture

The US Title is a championship with a long history and tradition. Shinsuke Nakamura is a fabulous superstar and is certainly worthy of holding such a coveted prize. I’m just shocked that he has not been booked in a real program since he won the prized title. Even his match with R-Truth this week was a throwaway match.

Superstars like Rusev could certainly benefit from an extended feud against Shinsuke Nakamura. The same could be said of someone like Luke Harper, who’s been sitting on the sidelines. I hope they catapult him into a feud with Rey Mysterio soon.

Even if WWE were to book R-Truth in a proper program against Nakamura, I would consider it an improvement to just a random match where we already know the outcome. Why waste a star of Nakamura’s caliber?

#4 Best/worst: The firing

Shane McMahon does not want to lose to his sister, Stephanie McMahon. Therefore, when a superstar makes it to the finals of the WWE World Cup and possibly loses, he/she stands the chance of getting fired. I just thought that this was a very heelish move for Shane McMahon to make. It wasn’t really in line with his existing character.

I wonder which of the stars is getting fired at Crown Jewel. It is pretty clear that one of the SmackDown Live superstars is moving to RAW soon. I have a feeling that it will be Randy Orton because he’s really been having a terrific run on SmackDown Live thus far.

If this happens, we won’t get to see the Styles vs. Orton program many have wanted for a while. It will be a shame if any of these four men move, really.

But as long as this woman stays on SmackDown Live, Tuesday nights will remain great.

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