British rapper Cadet dies aged 28

The British rapper cadet has died in a car accident at the University of Car Gym. British rapper Cadet dies aged 28.

The 28-year-old music star, the real name Blaine Cameron Johnson, was a passenger in the taxi this morning, when he collided with a van in Betley, Staffordshire.

He died on the spot, while both the drivers were taken to the hospital with severe injuries.

Read a family statement shared on their Instagram page: “We want to share the sad news that the family of Blaine Cameron Johnson, known as Cadet (Undertated Legend), that in the first hours of February 9, 2019, in a taxi He passed away as a traveler. , The path to a display

“Now the family appreciates your patience and we will share any information with you whenever we can. Thank you in advance for your support. Love the Johnson Family.”

Since then, his account has been made private.

The Sangh of Keele University students said: “We have been deeply saddened to hear this tragic news that the cadet passed away this morning for the morning. We want to give our true condolences to our loved ones in this difficult time.”

South-London’s up-and-artist, Jodie Crepe and Conn’s crepe were cousins.


The Week of the Week rapper tweeted: “absolutely broken.”

Read a second post: “My life will never be the same again, I love you and will remember you forever, I do not believe in it. I have been broken from the heart. I started getting recognition which you deserved. I am so proud. ” your. My left lung Im now ruined and broken. “

Other tributes have also been offered on the social media for the star.

Wrapper Gates wrote: “Just my timeline is taken care of. Reasonable Bruda cadets, condolences to their close friends and family.”

The example tweeted: “Last week only you were told how excited you were for some festivals this summer, so much positive energy.

“When I was with you smiling nonstop, for the first time when we met, I felt as if I knew you my whole life.” Humble man. RIP Cadet. “

DJ Semtex wrote: “It can not believe … I was on stage with them last week.

“Never seen any man so happy, everything was working for him, it was going to be his year, we were plotting the best time to do an interview on our next single singer, RIP Cadet.”

Producer Dr. Ken tweeted: “I think you know my brother, I was telling you about our next tune, we were going to drop and shut down this year. I think the sick man !!! RIP Cadet “

Cadet stepped in music in late 2015, and within a few months, over half a million social media reached with a hard-hit freestyle.

This was followed by another hearty freestyle, which was complicated by “Complex of some rappers” by Complex magazine.

Cadet has millions of views on YouTube with songs such as Letter to crepe, Instagram Girls and Edwise.

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His management said: “The capacities of telling their stories have been described as entertaining with passion, pain and power from beginning to end, and with the new upright concepts, the reinforcement of smile means that you have to listen and appreciate Not necessarily should be an ground fan. ” His lyrics “

He was described as “a rapper who has found a way to get rid of his frustrations in such a way that many people now regularly appreciate”.

Source : sky

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