Conor McGregor gives us an update on his famous mink coat from UFC 205

Conor McGregor has a reputation as one of the most interesting dressers in the UFC. It helps that he’s one of the few that’s able to get away with wearing what he wants despite the Reebok dress code, but still. You gotta give the guy credit for his bizarre fashion nods to crime lords like “El Chapo” Guzman and boxing legends like Joe Frazier.

McGregor rocked the Joe Frazier look in the lead up to his fight with Eddie Alvarez, appearing at a press conference in a red turtleneck and flowing mink coat. That coat came up in an exchange Conor had with fellow Irish fighter Neil Seery – check it out:

”That’s in me freezer Neily son,” McGregor wrote. “Along with the other one. Keeping tip top shape awaiting a tip top bid hahahah No lie.”

We assume ‘the other one’ is the $30,000 Gucci mink coat with the … sea serpent (?) on it from the McGregor vs. Mayweather world tour stop in New York.

Both pieces of history … perhaps not on the level of Fedor’s sweater of absolute victory, but certainly capable of pulling a ‘tip top bid’ sometime in the future … if he still even has them.

Source : mmamania

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