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Galaxy S 10 Pre Orders are open


After announcing the Galaxy S10 series in San Francisco yesterday, all three models are now available for pre-order at the Career Store and from Samsung’s own website – if you want to get the unlocked model. Galaxy S 10 Pre Orders are open.

Galaxy S10e will be $ 749, Galaxy S10 will be $ 899 and $ 999 for the Galaxy S10 Top Range. These prices will be the same where you buy them from America.

AT & T

AT & T is offering all three Galaxy S10 models in four colors: Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Blue and Flamingo Pink. As mentioned, the Galaxy S10e will be $ 749, the Galaxy S10 is $ 899 and the Galaxy S10 will be $ 999. If you are looking for finance, then you get 30 dollars per month with Galaxy S 10 E at AT & T Next cost 25 dollars per month, Galaxy S10 costs 30 dollars per month and Galaxy S10 costs $ 33.34 Can do the month.

A BOGO offer is available, so you can choose any Galaxy S10 model and either get a free Galaxy S10e, or get a discount of $ 750 from the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10. This bogo offer will be available only during the pre-order period, so that means that till now 7th March.

Pre-orders will start from today and will be shipped on time for the date of March 8. They will not be in the store until March 8, so if you are pre-ordering, you will not be able to check it already.

Run full speed

Sprint is also offering Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 at prices of $ 749, $ 899 and $ 999, respectively. Sprint is offering its Flex Lease option here on the Galaxy S10 family. The Galaxy S10e is going to $ 31.25, the Galaxy S10 for $ 37.50 and the Galaxy S10 for $ 41.67 per month. It’s going to be a 24-month course – not 30 like AT

Unfortunately, Sprint is not making any real deal with the Galaxy S10, but you can still do business in a device and can get the Galaxy S10 to $ 550. And you can also get a free pair of Galaxy Buds through Samsung, which is a good promo to take advantage of.

Pre-orders are open now And they are expected to ship by March 8, which is a few weeks later, but there is still a quick change for Samsung.

T Mobile

On T-Mobile, some very sweet deals are available for the Galaxy S10 series. It will also be available in Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism White and Flamingo Pink.

It also includes a business proposal that you can get from the Galaxy S10 to $ 620. It is important to note however that this proposal involves a new line activation. If you are not adding a new line, you can add a trade-in or new line up to $ 390.

The price of the Galaxy S10e is $ 749 or $ 20.84 per month, the price of the Galaxy S10 is $ 999, or $ 22.23 with the price below $ 99 and the Galaxy S10 is priced at $ 999 or $ 22.23 with $ 199. These monthly prices are good for 36 months, so far this list is more than other people.

Verizon pre-orders are now open to the Galaxy S10 family, and it includes a BOOO. So if you are looking to take a couple of Galaxy S10 smartphones, then this is a great way. Essentially, buy any Galaxy S10 smartphone and you will get the Galaxy S10e for free, or $ 750 towards the Galaxy S10 or the Galaxy S10. So even though you will not get the Galaxy S10 for free, but meeting $ 2 for $ 1250 is still a great deal.

Samsung still offers its own free pair of Galaxy Buds with those who opt to pre-order the Galaxy S10 – no matter where you order it – and it’s 7 from now Will run until March.

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The Galaxy S10e will set you back $ 749 or $ 31.23 per month, the Galaxy S10 will be $ 899 or $ 37.49, eventually the Galaxy S10 will be $ 999 or $ 41.66 per month on Verizon’s financing plans. These are good for 24 months, which is why it is cheaper than prices.

Pre-orders are currently open on Verizon, and will be shipping until March 8. Units in Verizon are not available in the store so far, which will be on March 8.


Samsung’s own website is selling unlocked Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 as well as career versions. So if you want to choose directly from Samsung for a specific carrier, you can do this. All four are unlocked and all four carriers will work anyway, so that it is not needed.

The Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 will also be available for financing on Samsung’s website, so that you have the option of paying for a period of two years instead of the one at all.

Samsung is also introducing a great trade-in for the Galaxy S10 series, where you can trade in a qualified device, get a discount of up to $ 550 from a new Galaxy S10 smartphone. At the top of it, you can also get a free pair of Galaxy Buds, if you shop between now and March 7 (read during pre-ordering process).

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