How to get health insurance

On the birth of a child, the parents need to allocate finances for his milestones. While doing so, they must consider buying a health insurance plan as well. This can take care of the medical expenses in case of an unforeseen event or a medical emergency. How to get health insurance for a newborn babies.

Type of policy
It may not be possible to get an individual health cover for a newborn, but he can be included or added to an existing family floater policy or group health insurance policy.

Minimum age
The name of a baby who is just a few days old cannot be added to the health cover as the initial days are considered risky. While back up plans normally permit the expansion following 90 days, the limit age may contrast for organizations.

Cover from start
A few organizations protect an infant from the very first moment under the maternity and infant spread as an advantage or extra spread.


An application for the addition of a child to the policy can be at the time of annual renewal in the form prescribed by the insurance company, along with supporting documents. In case the insurer is ready to cover the baby from the first day, the company should be intimated within one week of the baby’s birth.

The documents pertaining to birth, such as copies of birth certificate, maternity discharge card, and reports in case of any medical condition suffered by the child at birth, should be provided. A photo may need to be provided for cashless card issued by the insurer.

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Revised premium
The insurance company will recalculate the premium on the addition of a child to an existing policy. This revised premium amount needs to be paid to the .. 

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