Katie Price refuses to use threatening language

After denying two charges of abusive and threatening behavior outside the school during the row with the girlfriend of her ex-partner, Katie will set up trial trial. Katie Price refuses to use threatening language.

Former glamor model, who stood in the dock holding his phone, said that he was “definitely not guilty” when it was asked to file a petition in the Crowley Magistrates Court.

The price, which resides in the dial post near Horsham of West Sussex, was unable to appear before the court last week for hearing because it was on leave – and criticized for the absence of the 40-year-old judge .

District Judge Amanda Kelly said that the personality of television showed “lack of respect for the whole court system”.

Prices have alleged that on September 6 in the playground of the school, he was involved in a verbal dispute with the girlfriend of Kiran Heiler, a former girlfriend, Mitchell Pentecost.

40-year-old is facing two charges of using threats and abusive words or behavior due to harassment, alarm or crisis in the village of Shipley.

It is said that the two teachers were allegedly made witnesses.

The price reached the court in a black Mercedes van with a camera crew – and wearing large black sunglasses, a fur-trim coat and a black cosack-style hat.

As she was taken to the entrance to the two women and there was a disorder, she jokingly told the photographers that she would be “bored with him”.

Now he has been released on bail on June 3 for hearing in the Hershram Magistrates’ Court.

When reminded about the importance of attending the court’s date, the price responds: “I will definitely take part, do not worry about it.”

This is the third court case that Price has faced this year – and so far, it has been ordered to pay the court costs and more than £ 3,000 in fines.

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After being in charge of his Pink Range Rover, he was given driving restrictions in February after almost twice the limit.

In January, the price was banned after accepting driving while declaring disqualified.

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