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Samsung going to launch cheap budget flagship phone

According to a source leaking from China, Samsung will launch another flagship phone this year, which will be cheaper than the Galaxy S10 model running in China. Sources claim that Samsung will launch more than six flagship launches this year by Snapdragon 855 chipset, which includes a cost-effective flagship, which will probably be lower than the Galaxy S10. Samsung going to launch cheap budget flagship phone.

So far, Samsung was expected to issue a total of six flagship this year, including the existing Galaxy S10 series, the upcoming 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold, as well as the undeclared Samsung Galaxy Note 10. However, the source claims that There will be more than that.

This year, Samsung increased the launch price of its latest flagship phone, and the ongoing Samsung Galaxy S10E is worth $ 749. This version does not include some of the new technologies included in Galaxy S10 and S10, such as in-display fingerprint sensor, or edge-to-edge display, and more cost than the Galaxy S 9 last year.

The price of the launch of the new Galaxy S10 series has sparked mixed feelings from the Android smartphone community, and no one hopes that Samsung will be able to create a cost-effective flagship phone, such as leaving some of China’s rivals long ago has given.

But if the latest claims from Star Universe on Twitter are true, then Samsung is going to release a flagship device powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset solution of Qualcomm this year and will cost less than $ 749.

Samsung Galaxy S10e has already compromised on some aspects, so it is not clear what this upcoming cost-effective model would have to do for a lower price. The Galaxy S10e has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor instead of a hide behind the display, it employs Gorilla Glass 5 instead of the 6th generation, and the small 5.8-inch display is flat and the curves are not around the edges.

Perhaps this more cost-effective model will dig one of its two rear-facing cameras, or it could employ low cost bodies. Or there may be a display with thick beads from the previous generation as opposed to the dynamic AMOLED panel with punch-hole for front-facing camera.

On the other hand, the question remains whether this type of device will still be competitive in the cost effective flagship market segment, where other OEM multi-sensors employ main camera, impressive display and high quality bodies.

If Samsung will make a budget flagship phone that will perform better on its most or every aspect by its competitors, will it still be a success on the brand’s reputation? And if Samsung will make an on-par or better device than Galaxy S10e for some reason, at a lower price, will not the initial traitors adopting the Galaxy S10e?

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Time will tell how the story will evolve, assuming that the report is correct and Samsung is planning to distribute a cost-effective flagship by the end of the year. Right now, OEM is shipping its latest series for customers and officially, it is preparing for the launch of the 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold.

Source : Andiroidheadlines 

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