Tyron Woodley performance on UFC 235

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley performed unexpectedly against Kamaru Usman in UFC 235. Almost a week after being a pre-graduate, he is still unable to tell what actually happened to him. Tyron Woodley performance on UFC 235.

“The TMZ Segment” The Hollywood Brendown has said, “I can not really do that what happened.” “The good thing about our game is that you get other opportunities to go back and get back. I think that after starting again, I think that the run I had, I had the longest streak, all the statistics that were outside.

“So when I fought, I felt good in warm-up, I enjoyed walking on the day of fight, I felt good in the locker room, felt good to hang out, it felt good when I slapped my gloves When we came closer, something happened, and it was like a drainage moment, which I could not even explain.

“Many people say that you have an out-of-body experience,” they continued. “I wanted to swing hard, but I could not. I wanted to punish him, and I did not. I wanted to kick, I did not want to go back, I knew he wanted to take me down And when I saw a little clip (of the fight), then I like ‘Who is that f-k? It is not for me.

According to their chief coach Din Thomas, “The Chosen One” is not much motivated if the original plan was to fight Coleby Kovington. Woodley, who has taken personal things between himself and Covington, also agrees.

“I am definitely less frustrated in the F-King way that it is not Kolby. If he does not get it, then Mother Far-Kerr may have to get his sh-t in the parking lot.”

Some people attributed Woodley’s past weekend to extraordinary activities like his rape career. For this, that too is a reaction.

Woodley said, “I tell them that the Renaissance man was one person who used to do a lot of things on average.” “That mother – I do not know. I’m not her. I do a lot of things extraordinary because I am an artist.

“I have not apologized for being an artist, and I have not sat on my gifts which God has given me, and I do not participate in other things because I am a fighter. I fight three times a year. I am more father, I’m more entrepreneur, technically, I’m more of a composer. I fight in the octagon than more songs than that.

“When I camp my training and I do my own stuff, then I focus a lot, I am very much in love,” he said. “But in a day

As Usman, Woodley is strong in the belief that he is still a better competitor, overall.

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Woodley said, “I personally say for this day that skill set for skill set, experience for experience, I am a better fighter.” “But, that night, he was a more concentrated fighter. He did it, and I did not.

“Then at that time, it is not my belt. It is tragic to say this to me, it is a heart breaking heart for the king, I am giving tears about it, but this is not my belt, it is his belt.”

Source : bloodyelbow

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