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4 things Big Show could do when he returns


The Big Show has been an integral part of WWE for decades, he’s a perfect company man.

There have been highs and lows in his career – being the only man to win the WCW World Championship, ECW World Championship, WWE Championship, and WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship. He has also been at the receiving end of some humiliating storylines and random uninspired heel turns.

He got into the best shape of his long career for an anticipated face-off with Shaqille O’ Neal which unfortunately never got to blows. He had to take time-off for an inevitable hip surgery lately.

But with the news that Big Show is returning soon, one wonders about the possibilities for the giant. So here are 4 things the Big Show could do when he returns.

#4 Cost Braun Strowman his Money in the Bank briefcase

Braun Strowman is set to battle Kevin Owens with the MITB Briefcase on the line. The intrigue of Strowman and his dominant booking does not really need the briefcase.

The two have feuded before, the feud primarily remembered for the amazing match that they had on an episode of Monday Night Raw. Braun Strowman defeated the Big Show in a steel cage match to write him off for his hip surgery, this was seemingly the culmination of the feud.

But WWE doesn’t shy away from renewing seemingly finished rivalries, this seems like the best opportunity to utilise the Big Show in a meaningful feud, making the MITB Briefcase change hands controversially in the process.

#3 Announce his retirement!

This would be an anticlimax!

Big Show is no stranger to the thought of retirement. Wrestlers of his stature usually have short careers, but he has defied all odds and been in the business for more than two decades!

‘Please retire’ chants have been a staple in Big Show matches, and the time could finally be here.

This moment would be more suited to come on the Raw after SummerSlam, and would be an emotional digest for fans and viewers alike.

He is definitely a future first ballot WWE Hall of Famer, and the swansong of a giant career could be near.

Source : Sportskeeda

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